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    like a major dumbass rite now,a friend came to my appartment to get his mtn bike and i let him in,we are sitting there talking and i look over and see a used diaper in a kroger bag on top of my trash can so i try to keep cool whal im kicking myself for carelessness(ADD) then he stands up and ses i gotta take a leak,my bathroom is off of my bedroom,he comes back then his wife calls him and he heads out,i look in bedroom and theres a folded unique welless diaper i had left on my waight bench so now im sitting here looking at it knowing full well he saw it...kinda haveing a mini panic attack over the whole thing,we have alot of mutual friends.i feel so stupid rite now words cant evin explain

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    Don't worry he probably didn't even notice. I think we've all done things like that. A few months ago I was showing my Mom my iPad and I still had a diaper page up. I closed out of it so fast that I don't think she noticed but my point is we've all done things like that. It just goes with territory.

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    Oh, I can very much understand your anxiety. What a difficult situation to be in.

    All I can advise really is to keep calm - if you don't act like he has seen anything worth making a big deal out of, then hopefully he won't see it as a big deal and see any need to disclose this information with anybody else. If he didn't say anything to you on coming out of the bathroom then this is a somewhat good sign - it may be that he didn't even notice the diaper (people who are not familiar with adult diapers may not recognise a folded adult diaper for what it is) or that, if he did, he didn't want to embarrass you by mentioning it. He may have assumed you needed it for medical reasons, and thus decided not to mention it.

    If he does confront you, then you probably have a couple of options. You can either be honest with him, and explain your reasons for wearing diapers, and ask that he keeps the information to himself. You presumably have some idea with regard to what kind of guy he is, and whether he can keep a secret. I would also bear in mind that, even if he promises not to tell anybody, he may share whatever you tell him with his wife, so if she is known to be a gossip then be careful about what you tell him.

    If you cannot be honest with him, then you could try telling him that you wear diapers for incontinence - bedwetting is probably the best excuse for this. It would involve being dishonest to your friend, but if you cannot trust him to keep your secret it may be preferable to tell him this. Hopefully if he knows they were for a medical issue he would be less inclined to tell others. Alternatively, you could say that they belonged to somebody else, such as an elderly relative, who came to visit you earlier. If you use that excuse, be careful - if he knows that you haven't had a visitor and he realises you're lying then you are probably increasing the likelihood of him seeing it as a big deal, and sharing the information with people.

    If you are lucky though, he won't mention it. In that case you can leave him to make his own assumptions, and if he hasn't mentioned anything to you in a few days then the likelihood of him sharing the information has probably gone down somewhat.

    In the future, I would advise making sure you are particularly careful about where you store diapers. Make sure to always keep them hidden out of view, just in case you have random visitors, so that something like this does not happen again.

    Good luck, I hope that things have all worked out to be okay?

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    might pass it off as medical,or hope to.afew months ago he woke me up to go to a job and there was my bag of attends on my desk.threw a t shirt over it and tryd to forget about it

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    No worries - in my four years renting this townhouse, I've probably grown too complacent - my roommate saw the history on one of my computers, including two shelves of diapers in my closet. Basically, we don't talk about it - but she does know. And we're pretty tight, she hasn't humiliated me or anything. It's all good, no worries. :-)

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    I would give you a link but I don't have one, but in situations like this I always remember a picture saying "keep calm and carry on"

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    Best to try and get a little better organized, use a footlocker for you stash and make it a practice to not leave things out, as in work out of the locker, make a habit of closing the lid.
    For a browser, get a thumbdrive and use Portable Firefox, keep all your pictures on it as well. Pop the drive out and your in the clear. Check your recent documents folder OR remove it from the start menu so its not easy to stumble on.
    A few good habits to develop now can save problems in the future.

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    yeah,i was used to not havin roommates then i gave this dick the key to my place and he alwese catches me with my pants down in one sence of the phrase or the other

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    Simpley tell him you had a bladder infection if he asks and make sure he never catches you again.

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    Once in my freshman year of college, I was sitting in a meeting for one of my clubs when I realized I left... ahem... a certain type of sex toy sitting on the middle of my desk standing straight up. I quietly stood up, walked out of the room, and as soon as I was out ran like hell back to my dorm. It was still there (of course) and it seemed like my roommate hadn't been back in the dorm since I'd used it and left for my meeting without putting it away.


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