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Thread: I'm sure this question has been asked before, but...

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    Default I'm sure this question has been asked before, but...

    What would it take for you to get excited about a new AB-oriented disposable brand? Obviously, the ones that are out there now all have their pluses and minuses, as do the garden variety adult diapers, but give me some details here.

    I ask because I'm seriously considering making an investment in a company trying to get started in this niche, but my money is firmly attached to my influence in any such arrangement, hence I'd like to hear some feedback from the potential users before I make such a move.

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    Well, of course, the absorbency would have to be as good as or better than the current top-of-the-line diapers. In addition, you might want to consider some other aspects-- the adult-sized Pull-up* for ABDLs is a largely untapped market! Also, I've heard people say that they'd like diapers that have stretchy, elastic sides, like baby diapers. Oh, and pink diapers, too.

    *Of course, adult pullups have been done many times by non-ABDL companies. For a truly good one, however, it would have to change the style in that it wouldn't be like "granny panties"-- loose, baggy, and too much material at the top (not to mention poor absorbency)-- but just like an adult version of GoodNites or children's Pull-Ups. I don't even mean in terms of pictures or designs, but of the product's materials, dimensions, and absorption.

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    From everything I've heard, GoodNites are terrible at absorption.

    I've looked at the specs on the would-be FOP supplier here (it's a diaper, not a pullup), and the advertised absorbency on a medium is pegged at 2400 mL - better by a slight margin than an Abena M4.

    The biggest risk with adult pullups is what you hate about them - it's extremely difficult to size them out properly without offering 20 different sizes.

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    In my opinion, the more real-time babylike the better. Such as stretchy elastic sides as Antropov mentioned, more capacity, more designs, etc.. Basically, what I personally would dream of are diapers that I could almost fool myself into believing I just picked up in the baby aisle, that actually fit me like they're meant to fit babies. Also, perhaps it's just not profitable enough but none of the really 'baby' adult diapers (abu, bambino) make size small anymore! Frustrating, because I am nowhere near a medium, but wouldn't fit baby diapers well enough to suit me either....

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    I would be excited if you could do an adult disposable training pant knock off the pull-ups with princess designs (obviously they couldn't be Disney but a reasonable facsimile would be awesome) Fade away stars when wet the easy open sides but they would need to actually work unlike 99% of adult pull-ups. Its sad that a goodnite works better on a 30 year old than an adult pull-up. Also price would need to top out at 1.30-1.50 per diaper if they were more I would probably still buy them but they would be a special treat if they were in the listed range they would be used more.

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    An adult pull up would be great: an exact (or as close as possible) replica of huggies pull ups with the dark blue sides, waistband, single image print, fade when wet, maybe even cool alert. It would have to be an absorbent panel with two stretchy sides rather than the mesh pant with a little padding at the bottom. There is no one out there making this and it could be really popular if done right.

    What about an adult sized jeans diaper? The dark blue print with the fake pockets and hem. They don’t even make jeans diapers in size 6; an adult version would be especially nice. A pull ups jeans (like they have in Israel) would be the best of both worlds:

    Bellyitch: Huggies Denim Jeans Hits the U.S.

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    So far:

    1) Pink would be doable. Hadn't thought about that, but I recall it being mentioned in other threads.

    2) Pullups are just not going to happen, at least not at this early stage of the game. When the manufacturers expect you to buy 80K units per size on a custom print arrangement like this (and buying your own machine is seven figures plus warehouse space and raw material costs), and we all know the only way to do adult pullups is to offer a great deal more sizes, it's just such an enormous capital outlay for any small company as to be completely impractical.

    3) The jeans thing would be a high risk for litigation, but if enough demand were there (see above regarding quantity orders) it might not be completely impossible.

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    suggestions away!
    I don't know if this could be an option, but having a cutely designed wetness indicator would definitely be a plus, I'm not talking all over fade away designs, just a strip or them running up the middle or a large one in towards the bottom of the diaper with a few smaller designs above it. Designs to consider would be universally accepted by large numbers of ab/dl's such as; clouds, stars and moons, paw prints, or anything else that might perk your interests (avoid anything that seems overly gender specific such as hears or ninjas). How about carrying over the motif to the tape zone offering a little design on them (if it's not posing any major cost in the long run). Pink would be totally awesome, I'm a bit of a girlie (on occasion) but as long as the diapers remained cute I would probably pick them up quite often even if I'm playing with tonka trucks rather than playing dress up. Bulk is another factor, while fun, your design should be well fitting enough as not to chafe, but decent enough to offer that secure feeling. On the design avoid anything that's overtly babyish, for example bambino clasico's it's cute but not for everyone. Keep things more toddler oriented as there's a larger market for that sort of thing and there would probably be a larger acceptance in the DL market. Remember you're marketing your product to a niche, and the design should appeal to as many individuals as possible within the sub-group of diaper wearers. If this helped at all don't be afraid to message me, I'd be happy to offer other suggestions that might benefit these goals (I'm always up for offering suggestions on aesthetic appeal and the like when it comes to cutesy stuff :P ). ~Stunner

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    It should basically be an adult sized baby diaper, and LOTS of absorbency.

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    With a nod to the thread about the environmental impact of disposables, I suggest that you make your brand of adult disposables with biodegradable materials. The plastic lining should be biodegradable, just like you can buy garbage bags made of biodegradable plastic. The filling should not be gel but old-school absorbent cellulose. It would make for an interesting brownish-colored but very thick and heavy diaper ;-)

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