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    Ok so I live at home with my mom cuz Im still in school, and Im wonderin is it safe to buy diapers over the internet with my mom home all day? Ive heard of UPS keeping them there and you pick them up but I dont have a UPS in my town just a Post Office. I could go to the local store to buy but the clercks know my mom I think. And suggestions?

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    I'm in the same situation, I would go out of town to get some. But to answer your question I wouldn't order them online or buy in a store where they know your parents.

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    Im like 10 miles away from the nearest town and I dont have a car

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    If your parents aren't used to your getting packages they may be overly interested in seeing what you received. I was just suggesting to someone else recently to start ordering minor things like on ebay, related to a hobby you have, so the 'rents get used to packages coming from you and are less curious about them. Do you have any idea how they will react if you receive a package and aren't going to open it in front of them?

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    If YOU think you can get away with ordering online, then go for it. If can or can't really relies on your specific situation. I would research it though and see how you can get the package in without raising suspicion. Someone else will have to speak on the post office part, I don't know much about that.

    Buying from the store; unless the clerks know you and talk to your mom on a regular basis you should be fine. Besides, even if they did I couldn't imagine why they would bring that up in a conversation. It's not there job to question things like that, and outside of work it's something they shouldn't be talking about anyways. They'll either assume they're for someone else, or for your own needs. In both cases, they should have the decency to respect your privacy.

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