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    hi im new here,my name is scott im 19 i like sushi, hookah lounges and diapers. i live in kentucky and i feel kinda cut off from the mainstream abdl comunity so i checked out this site.

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    Hello Scott

    Welcome to adisc!

    I am not quite sure what you mean by the 'mainstream' AB/DL community, but if you are looking for a place which is different from the other AB/DL sites out there to make friends then you have definitely come to the right place. I'm sure you will form some good friendships here and begin to feel less cut off - if you are looking to make friends then you should check out our chat room (ortechnically 'irc' room if you understand clever computery stuff). Although diapers etc rarely come up in conversation it is a great place to talk to other AB/DLs about general stuff. You can get to it by clicking 'chat' in the bar of links at the top of each page on adisc.

    What kind of sushi do you like? I have never ever eaten sushi, although it is becoming more so it is not really that popular in the UK. In exploring the internet recently though I discovered bento, and from that the art of making cartoon bento, and that seems to be done with sushi a lot. I think I would love sushi if it was presented to me to look like cats or something.

    I also like hookah lounges, although they don't really exist in the UK anymore since smoking was banned indoors. But I went to many in India, they were always beautifully decorated and very chilled out and good places to meet people. Have you ever done any travelling, or would you wish to do any?

    Anyway, welcome to Adisc - enjoy getting to know the site, and I look forward to hearing more from you

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    Hookah lounges are a great place to go for meetups with the padded people; chill and relaxed and once the hookah is primed and going they leave you in peace.

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    Welcome! I also enjoy Sushi, and LOVE Kentucky

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    as far as sushi,il go with spicey eel rolls,smokings been banned in ky for 4or5 years now but the catch is at a hookag 51%gross income is tobacco/hookah sales so u can smoke in cigar shops n stuff.farthest i have gone is san francisco...ok but id like to check out south america somewere near peru.i cant say i love ky but georgia is a cool spot,was there 3 months ago on the way to clearwater fl.

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