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Thread: I have rubbed the bald head of the Woz... What have I done???

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    Default I have rubbed the bald head of the Woz... What have I done???

    Yuck, yuck, and more yuck.

    I just bought the 16gb iPad, and I feel like I've betrayed my god, Linus Torvalds.

    I'm a huge advocate for open source freedom, and here I go and throw money at Steve Jobs for a closed device. Damn my lust for peripherals and gadgets (and multitouch screens for Christ's sake).

    Make me feel good, guys. Who here is a pc and has bought some sort of apple product? I need assurance that I'm still a good person.

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    There's a simple solution that will help you live with yourself - Jailbreak it.

    And to me, there is a difference between the iPhone/iPad and the Mac. I tend to think of them as consumer products, rather than computers, so their closed nature is a little more forgivable. Besides, iOS is a very good multi-touch OS, even if it is closed.

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    I mostly use Windows for personal stuff (though I currently have 2 Linux boxes) and I own an iPhone. So, no, you're not alone.

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    I have a windows box, use Linux at work, iPod touch for music and Android phone. Does that make me a hipster? Like Jimini, I do not like the idea of supporting closed devices.

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    You're not a bad person for buying an Apple product, despite what some slashdotters might try to tell you

    Personally I own an iPhone 4 while running various versions of Windows, Linux, and FreeBSD on the various computers and servers that I own

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    So, I suppose an ideal solution would be to put ubuntu on it? Rofl.

    As for jail breaking it, I wasn't aware that the dev team succeeded in it. How does that taste, mr. Jobs? What exactly would be the benefits of jail breaking an iPad? I've only broken my cousins g2 iPod, so I'm not sure if the benefits would be the same or greater with an iPad. Off to google!

    Thanks for the support guys lol. Nice to see some others wading in the sacred-pool-of-both-worlds.

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    Myself I am a Windows man.. but I have owned a Mac at one point (brand new Intel Imac) that I won in a contest about 3 years ago. I had a slew of problems which resulted in my having to obtain 3 replacement units from Apple. After the 3rd one arrived, I promptly sold it on Ebay for 400.00..

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    I am more than happy with the iPad 2 I currently have, I think its great for on-the-go browsing. I think iOS works extremely well on the larger screen, and every feels very fluent and it all works very well. Plus, I never did anything big (like Photoshop or video encoding) when I had a laptop anyway and all I ever did with it was basic web browsing, email, and IM which the iPad does that very well. Plus, it has excellent battery life and is ultra-portable to boot, not to mention I don't have to wait for it to boot every time I want to use it. It also has tons of apps and games that I do use quite abit. Personally, I think it's pretty much the best tablet going at the moment and is quickly becoming the iPod of tablets. The competion needs more time as Honeycomb as it's quite buggy and slow from some reports (sounds like it needs some time to mature and polish things) and it also sounds like the RIM Playbook was kind of rushed to compete against the iPad 2 so it suffers from the same issues plus lack of some essential apps (like email, calendar, etc.). I am sure things will improve in the near future.

    Personally, I have my iPhone jail-broken but only because of AT&T, I don't want to pay them more money for tethering (aka them switching a binary 0 to 1 on their server to enable it) and I am not giving up my unlimited data plan so I installed TeatherMe to use 4.3.1's native wireless tethering without needing a plan. However, I don't have any desire to jailbreak my iPad, nothing there really that makes me want to do that. Emulators maybe but I find that most of the mobile emulators (Jailbreak iOS or Android, since their made by the same guy) aren't that great ^^;. I rather do that on my computer.

    And I hate to say it but you sound like you're one of the people that make me cringe abit, the die-hard Linux users that treat open source software almost as if its a religious principal and hate and despise anything that isn't open source (and displayed here you saying "yuck" and acting like you did something dirty just for buying an iPad) as if its Satan to a Fundamentalist. You even called Linus a "god". I think open source software is a great and admirable and I am more than happy to see it grow but closed software has its place and purpose as well. You also tend to follow, from what I noticed from blogs and ESPECALLY their comments (just browse Engadget's comments), a growing trend among the PC tech community of the hatred for ANYTHING Apple does, no matter what it is (which they say Apple fans are a "cult" and I even heard of one Apple blog site plays on that, "Cult of Mac". However if that's true, the haters of Apple are a growing religion and most use rather shallow reasons as well as stereotypes).

    Personally, I am getting VERY sick of just how much bias exist in the technology communities. Bias towards hardware, software, consoles, etc. They almost wear it on their sleeve like a badge of honor because from what I noticed, they act like its a requirement to bash what they don't like any chance they can get the very moment it's mentioned. I say just let them enjoy whatever their using, and you can enjoy yours and not ruin things by bashing just because you don't like it.

    Plus, Apple DOES use and distribute open source technology, though only a small bit and I would call their use and contributions "mixed" however they had a big impact with one of their projects. For one, their BSD kernel Darwin is open source and OS X has allot of the open source Unix technologies (OS X is Unix 03 certified) and even some core parts of OS X are open source. Apple has a website for that here: . From browsing their open source repository here, it seems like even small parts of iOS are open (such as the browser, where I strangely found a file named "") and iOS uses the same Darwin BSD Unix engine OS X uses and predictably iOS and OS X have allot of similar core libraries. Also, some of the potocols Apple has developed are also open source. Such as Bonjour, their networking protocol, is fully open source and anyone can implement it. Also, FaceTime is not exactly open source but it is using open standards that anyone could use to connect to it, however barely anyone had wanted to use it beyond Apple themselves. However the biggest is WebKit ( ), which the open source project based on the development of the Safari engine, which started as a branch of the KHTML engine from KDE. WebKit is now used in Google Chrome as well as the mobile Chrome in Android, and now even Blackberrys browser, Nokia's browser, and newer TomTom GPSs are using it as well as many other things. WebKit now has now grown to be pretty big and ALLOT of companies and people are starting to use it and contribute to it. Apple, like most companies their size, is far from a saint but that's far, far better than Microsoft who pretty much truly hate anything open source (and even tried to make a failed attempt at competing with it, "shared source"), can ever say or has done.

    Also, my computer setup is a Hackintosh setup that also has Windows 7 64bit installed. I did use Linux for awhile and I liked the OS (I like all three but for different reasons, but Windows is stale as mold-covered bread to me after 15 years of daily use) but some things put me off with it sadly. Such as installing my printer driver (especially the networked part because there is no Linux driver for my printer so I had to use a compatible driver for a similar model) was a complete pain and some software a pain to get working (even trying to get Second Life to work under Ubuntu 64bit had issues, including needing to get dependencies). But you get the perks of things like Linux being very stable, and having the much better Unix/Linux memory management (which iOS, Mac OS also share thanks to the BSD Unix, as well as Android since it uses Linux as a backbone though all it's apps run on Java) and being very secure due to constant updating due to the open-source community patching bugs extremely quickly. I do mess with it now and then and plan on having all three OSes installed sooner or later when I am not tired from a days work ^^;.
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    Two minor corrections regarding Webkit. Webkit is Safari's rendering engine, not the browser itself, and the version used in safari is not quite the same as the open source version.

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    True but if you download a nightly build from WebKit's site, it IS a build of Safari for the most part. And if you look at the icon, its Safari's icon recolored to gold and purple (I guess its like the open source branches of Firefox and Chrome, they change something about the icon because they trademark or copyright the icon) in a box. Also, if you browse the WebKit projects website, you easily see most of the contributors are from Apple as their staff members started the project (though there's a good amount of Google staff too because of Chrome).

    But you are right that it isn't the same build as Safari and WebKit is named after the engine.
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