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Thread: greetings form the vulcan high command

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    Default greetings form the vulcan high command

    i am kinda new to this. School has been stressful with finals coming up so havn't had time with the web and stuff. Anyways. I am brent I am a diaperfur/babyfur. I am new to this place. I unfortunately don't get much time to be myself and thought this might be a good place to do it. I don't really know what to say besides im a geek and a trekkie. I wear because i like diapers been a bedwetter all my life so dont know if it was the wetting or what that got me into diapers or was it that it kept me in the lol no clue. i hope to make friends here who share my interests too. so ya anways hi

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    Welcome to the site. I'm sure you will enjoy being here. Feel free to join in on the various topics that come along. I suspect there are a number of Star Trek fan. I know I loved the last movie.

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    OK, I saw Vulcan and that was enough. Welcome from a fellow Trekkie and one who is "fur adjacent"! I'm not furry, but I love furry art and I'm an advocate for furry fandom and culture (and who knows, maybe I am a furry but just need the right person to make me realize I have a fursona and have a certain something about me...).

    Alright, as a Trekkie, have you been to any conventions? Favorite leader? Favorite series?

    Oh, and welcome!! I'm sure you'll make some friends here! Hell, being a fellow Trekkie will usually at least make me view you favourably!

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    Welcome fellow Trekkie!!! I have to be honest though, I never did get that much into the series after the original. If it says anything I had the entire first series on VHS and now have it on DVD... AWESOME!! Its not to say I didn't like next gen or voyager but just wasn't as into it. I need to go watch trouble with tribbles..... i love those little fuzz balls!

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