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Thread: Do you save your aluminum cans to recycle?

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    Default Do you save your aluminum cans to recycle?

    I sure do! I turn in about 10 pounds of aluminum cans a week. Makes an extra $25 or so a month. Of course it helps if you live near by and don't have to pay the gas money... If you ride the bus and there is a "day pass" you can go turn them in then continue with your errands.

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    I do. However me and my dad save our cans up until we hit around 80 pounds of cans and around 25 lbs of glass and about 10 pounds of plastic.

    Normally get around 80-130 depending on weight.

    Of course if you make this much on just turning your own stuff in your spending literary thousands of dollars on the drinks anyway. So the best way to make money off it is to simply cut back or quit entirely and switch to filtered water.

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    I absolutely do.

    I have the unique circumstance of living in Michigan, where any beverage conveyance that carries a carbonated beverage is worth 10 cents upon its return. Any pop, beer, or any other carbonated beverage, the container is worth 10 cents. In any store in Michigan, there are either personnel or machines set up specifically to accept container returns from customers. When you buy a carbonated beverage in Michigan, you pay the deposit (so a suitcase of pop or beer is X.XX PLUS DEPOSIT), then when you've emptied the container, you take those containers back to the store and get back your 10 cents per container.

    The last time Mr. X and I took in our beer and pop empties, we got about $12 back in cash because we had that many bottles and cans.

    So yes, I save and return pretty much any beverage conveyance.

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    holy crap 25$/10lbs = 2.50lbs scrap AL is 1.30lb here and cans are way less ill give you my bins of AL machine chips theres about 800lbs of 7000 series AL i need to get rid of

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    Save them, do I ever! Growing up, my grandfather would often have me go through garbage cans after an auction and take cans out to throw in our aluminum pile at home. My grandfather still does it, while I only take the ones I can see from the top. We also ask our neighbors to save cans for us. We fill up a 8X10 box trailer full of (crushed) aluminum cans and scrap aluminum then take it to the salvage yard. We make a trip of aluminum like this about twice a year. Each load brings us about $300!

    We also salvage copper from electrical wiring (copper is worth a lot more). Last week, we took in 33 pounds of copper wire, and got $113! Copper is easier to get money from quickly because it is worth a lot more and because we just buy up old electronics and cords at auctions then remove the insulation from the wires.

    Scrapping is good money if you know what you're doing, and can keep a constant supply of the metals around to take in each week! My grandfather is 78 and retired; he gets most of his spending money by scrapping. We've got a trailer full of scrap steel and iron that we're going to take up Tuesday.

    We also recycle paper, glass, and plastic by taking it to the Lion's Club and tossing it all in the separate recycling bins out back.

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    I do, if I have any around.

    Here in Finland, there is a system where at the purchase of a can or bottle of soda or other drinks, there is a small amount of money added to the total amount, which you can get back by returning the bottle. It's 15 cents per can, 20 cents per bottle (0,5-1,0 liters) and 40 cents for bottles bigger than 1 liter.

    There are machines in every grocert store, where you can return those bottles, and you get your money back. This is the reason you won't see any cans or bottles on the ground.

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    Well I had been saving cans for a while to save for melting in my furnace. However, it turns out that aluminum cans are just too thin and have too much paint and whatnot to be a good source of raw aluminum.

    I guess i'll be taking them to the recycling yard at some point and trading up for some thicker stuff. I've got 3 40-gallon bags full of crushed cans (and a terrible record for guesstimating weight), so I might be able to get some significant chunks.

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    Unfortunately, I haven't seen anything like that in Ohio and I use a lot of cans and bottles. I do recycle them by putting them aside and toss them in the recycle bins when they aren't surrounded by piles of snow and ice.

    I wish Ohio had something like that. It would come in handy sometimes for extra cash.


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    Aside from the fact that aluminum beverage cans have virtually disappeared here, all beverage containers are subject to a 15 to 25 cent deposit when you buy them. So it'D be foolish not to return them, as I'd be losing a pile of money that way.


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    I recycle all my aluminium cans, tin cans, glass, plastic bottles (and some other plastics), paper, cardboard and batteries - the local council collect it all with my rubbish, as well as my food and garden waste to be composted/incinerated. But there is no monetary incentive to recycle here; you don't receive any money to recycle anything. We are limited to how much non-recycled refuse will be collected though so, environment aside, it makes sense to recycle to keep the non-recycled rubbish down low. Pretty much all that goes in my non-recyled rubbish is diapers and empty-cat food pouches, with the odd bit of plastic packaging, but I try to keep and reuse as much plastic packaging as I can - yoghurt pots for example make great paint pots or plant pots for growing herbs.

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