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Thread: Police spend 20K to arrest recylers

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    Default Police spend 20K to arrest recylers

    20,000 to nick pair who took scrap worth 47p | The Sun |Home Scotland|Scottish News

    I think I'll still head down to my local tip and salvage the old laptops. Re-use, recycle, resist arrest

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    I never knew that people will throw out stuff that would need just a minor fix to work :O. And to think that they would sen a chopper to catch two people taking stuff that others don't need

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    Our tax dollars (pounds) at work. Around here, we have community trash day where anyone can put anything on the curb twice a year. Everyone goes around scavenging for goodies. All sorts of electronics, TV's, printers, beds, washers, dryers, and perfectly good furniture. People are free to browse and take. I got a working dryer. YaY!

    I also collect little DC motors for my little electric projects.

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