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    Default Depends sample pack...

    Please don't move this thread. Whoever moved it to that last post, it didn't help any at all, none of my questions got answered, and nobody posts on that thread anymore apparently. Please leave this thread here so I can get help =/

    Anybody know what it comes with and how big the box is? Also, can anybody post a pic of it or describe it? I'm not too sure if they've changed the packaging or not. Is it discreet..?

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    Anybody know at all..? So like nobody on here has ordered the Depends sample?

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    Depends sample packs just aren't a high traffic item. I have relocated the most recent responses to the open thread at: Another thread doesn't help if people don't know.
    Last edited by Trevor; 16-Apr-2011 at 00:08. Reason: edited to add link to other thread in the hopes someone might see and provide an answer.

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