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    Okay, I've heard multiple people talk about the largest diaper size, size 7, but I can never seem to find them. I can understand that they're rare, since most kids are potty trained before they get that big, but I just want to ask all those who've found them where they bought them. If I can narrow it down to a pharmacy of some sort, I might have a better chance of getting them. Thanks in advance.

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    I'll help you with this one.
    Pampers Size 7, I have found at ToysRUs a few months ago.
    They aren't any bigger than Pampers Size 6, so I rule them out as "Waste-Of-Money".

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    I've also seen size 7 at Walmart, but they aren't always there. I don't know if that means people are buying them a lot or they just make room for more of another size since 7 doesn't sell enough.

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    I purchased a package of them about a year ago at a Walgreens, I believe. Google pharmacies or stores and look for pampers 7, thats what i did.

    But yeah, as Balto said, they're the same size as a size 6.

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    are they at least more absorbent? what is the difference then?

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    Quote Originally Posted by bambinod View Post
    are they at least more absorbent? what is the difference then?
    I think it might be that the outer shell is a bit longer, but the tabs are not. I'm not 100% sure, though, as I cannot find the specific post right now.
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    I read previously on the forum that size 7's are identical to size 6's in regards to absorbency. They're just about an inch longer lengthwise for taller toddlers.

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    They are 1.5in longer, and have .5 inch longer tabs then six's. Their not worth the extra looking and money.

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    I found size six at my local pharmacies and supermarkets and whatnot. I weigh about 135 last time I checked. Would the size six fit me?

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    I have used one kind of pampers size 7, and they were pretty close to what I use now, Libero size 7. And I weigh about the same as you, Natsu, ans they fit me well...

    The reason why I don't use the Pampers any more, is that compared to the Libero diapers, they are less thick, and they feel much better.

    I have actually seen that there are size 7 diapers even in the closest and smallest stores near me...

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