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Thread: Harry Potter comes out on Fri.

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    Default Harry Potter comes out on Fri.

    Any Potter fans are going to get the DVD or Blu-Ray tomorrow (Friday)?? =) I am! I am going to Walmart first thing in the morning, and get it on Blu-Ray. It will be first Potter film that I will buy on Blu-Ray... pervious ones, I always get on DVD.

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    Going to buy it as soon as I can, probably tomorrow! There will be a huge queue though, so I will have to go early

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    I want to get it tomorrow but I've been saving up for when they release the entire 8-movie blu ray box set hopefully later this year/early next. To tide me over, though, I'll just watch it over a friend's house.

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    Probably won't get it, although I HAVE to see the last one (Part II) in theaters this summer. If I don't see it, I'll just perish. Though I really really REALLY do not want to see Fred die. :'(

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    I picked my copy up this afternoon during work. And I'm with you, Raven -- I don't want to see that happen either! But it's got to happen.

    I'm excited to get home and watch it!

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    I haven't really watched the movies all that religiously like I read the books, but I do plan to be at the midnight showing of the finale. I missed all the ones for the books, usually because they fell on a school night or my parents didn't feel like taking me. The movies are nice, but it seems like I get more enjoyment out of reading. Might just be because there's more left to imagination.

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    I saw it when I was at Costco today. I think I might go back and buy it.

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    In regards to the finale movie, I plan to be at the midnight premiere hopefully in costume too!

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    I've read the books, and enjoyed them thoroughly.
    I went to the theater and enjoyed the first-half of the final Book.


    The DVD?
    Too many 'Dark' scenes (and I mean, NO light!), to see what the hell's going on! (That really chaps my hide!)
    I've a 32" TV, and even watching a LOT of this movie at night, with every light turned 'OFF', I couldn't see what the heck was happening! That really makes me angry... I know for a fact that the lighting levels can be adjusted, and for made-for-home versions, the damned editors should know better!


    Rant over...

    I love J.K.'s story, the characters, et al.
    But, if you can't SEE the movie/action, what the heck's the purpose of buying the movie?
    (yes, one day, I'll own a 60" LED HD TV, but,,, dayumn!)



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