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Thread: The Young & The Highschoolers

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    I'm going start off by introducing myself. Hi my name is Kalie and Iím in high school, just made the high honor role, and just won academic award from my school.

    Since the beginning of the school year I made friends with a guy that is senior and we've been come very close friends. Before we became friends all I knew about him was that he had a very bad reputation of dating allot of girls ( He's a player) and getting dumped by them because they caught him cheating. so, when we became friends I told myself that I wouldn't fall for him or even think about going out with him.

    That kind of change about three months ago when he practically beg me to kiss him, my mind screamed 'No', but my heart told me something else. I thought about it and figured it wasnít no big deal anyway ( What harm could one kiss do?). I ended up kissing him right their in the middle of the hall going to my next class. I thought nobody saw but apparently somebody did because the next day people were asking me were we going out. I told them no of course and that was the end of that.

    Since that day we may have kissed no more than 5 or 6 times nothing huge though. Except last week when I was about to go home he came to my locker and we talked like we always do and I asked him was he going to walk me out the school. He told me sure so we started walking to the door and then when we were almost out the door he turns and asks me to kiss him. I thought about and plus their wasn't nobody around to see so I kissed him. What I thought would be just a kiss turned out to be a whole make out session (I don't know what came over me) and as quickly as it started it was over. He walked me out and we went our separate ways .

    I guess I was wondering should I give this a guy a chance or am I just playing myself thinking he could be faithful to me. My friends are starting to get suspicious and they keep telling me not to go out with him. Some part of me knows that but another part of me really wants to go out with him.

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    I say give him a chance. but the first sign of his player side kick him to the curb. I was in a similar situation but with a Lady player and just from walking down the hall way have ppl come up to me and asked if we were going out. But from hearing what ppl are saying about her, like talking to bunch of guys, setting her last bf on fire, I doubt i'll ask her out.

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    You have a right to be cautious, and continue to be so. If, as you say he's had his go around with others and have been found to "play", then I find it hard to follow through with him emotionally would not be healthy.

    Please, please listen to what your friends are saying to you about him. If you feel strong enough to play games with him, then try it, but if you find it too risky, then don't.

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    Quote Originally Posted by babykalie View Post
    A Leopard cannot change itís spots. K.

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    It sounds to me like he's playing you. It seems like he's having his way, making you kiss him when he's in the mood, with little thought about you. If all you want is someone to make out with, he'd be the one, but I don't think he's a keeper. On the other hand, if you are really good friends, maybe having him as a friend is better than as a short term lover.

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    Thanks guys for all the advice. Today at school we talked and he walked me out the school but all we did was hug and he told me he'll text me later. He also asked me to go to the prom with him but "Just as Friends". I told him I think about . Do you think I should go ?

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    All I can say is if you like him go for it, just know that it may not last long. It's high school, and whoever you date likely won't last forever anyways. Just as long as you know what you're getting into and keep it light, things should be fine. Just make sure that you keep your self respect and don't let him make you feel less of yourself. If he does, dump him.

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    Yes, go! This will give you a chance to get to know him better.

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    He is just lustful.No man with dignity would beg a women for a kiss.He is not in love with you.Don't give him a chance, he will just leave when he is satisfied

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