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Thread: Sibling Jealousy

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    Default Sibling Jealousy

    Today's my little brother's birthday, and all I want to do is poke him in the eye with something sharp. Seriously.

    His bio-dad died a few years ago leaving him 30,000+. My bio dad barely notices my existence, and I've gotten zero. My older brother's bio dad was the same, but doesn't want to be in his life.

    It's not fair that my freakin' brother gets that money when my older brother and I have to work for everything we have. And (to top it all off) he just got all of it TODAY. Big birthday present for him, wouldn't ya say? He's so freaking smug about it too.

    My older brother is so kind, he just takes it in strides. But I'm pissed. Beyond so. I'm no longer talking to my other "brother" again for this crap. He wants to act like he rules the god damn world then fine. I'm not dealing with his crap.

    I hate him. I truly do. With every fiber of my being I wish I had never known him.

    How would you feel in my situation? Or better yet my older brother's? He has it the worst, at least my bio-dad claims me.

    Most importantly though I really hate my bio-mom for starting all this crap.

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    My bio dad committed suicide a few weeks short of my 12th birthday. Life sucked for a long time after that. I guarantee someone giving me $30K wouldn't make all that pain go away, and I wouldn't wish that pain on anyone, not for any amount of money.

    You kinda need to get some perspective here. The kid's dad is dead. I assure you, he'd gladly trade all that money away to have his dad back.

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    He says that, but he never even knew him. His dad was abusive, and a drunk apparently. Died from his drinking too.

    If he wasn't so damn smug about it it wouldn't be so bad. But he's being a bitch about it, so I'm not sorry for anything.

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    Hatred and jealousy are two dangerous emotions that can drive people to do bad things. Don't worry about him calm down and relax, if he wants to be smug let him who's it hurting but himself. In return just be nice, it's the best thing to do.

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    Just you wait, he'll fritter it all away within a few years, wasting it on partying, girls, holidays, boose, drugs and whatnot.

    I know you probably don't see this now, but you're better off working for what you have. It's such a good feeling to know that the money you've got sitting in your bank account, you've earned. In a way you've been lucky, because you've learned the real value of money through hard graft. He'll spend it all, and then wallow in self pity for years.

    Seriously, you should be the smug one. You're much more set to rule the world.

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    there are sneaky legal and financial ways to "transfer ownership" of those funds to your self.

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    IMO, nothing to get worked up about. He may have money, but it doesn't mean he's going to be smart with it.

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    I totally understand what you're going through
    My cousin has recently acquired a hefty amount of money from my uncle. I remember feeling so jealous that she would get that amount of money, and for all my life, I would probably never get that much. She already has plans to travel the world. The main thing to remember to stay calm. You're not doing anything for yourself if you take any actions

    Some people, when they get a lot of money like this, go crazy, and never learn to appreciate things in life. Be happy that you will understand better, what is is to be truly happy.

    Stay safe


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    Butterfly Mage


    My dad always played favorites too. He valued IQ as the defining characteristic of wealth. So since my sister has a higher intelligence than I have, dad rewarded her with four (4) cars (she wrecked them all). Dad also gave her a credit card with a $2,200 limit that she maxed out almost every month and that he paid (this was during high school). He also thought that her promiscuity was something to be proud of ( she was a cheerleader and gave a blow job to EVERYYONE on the football team for "team spirit") and thought I was the weird one for not wanting to screw anyone with a pulse. After dropping out of High School in 12th grade (with straight "A" grades to boot) she got an honorable job as a loan shark (seriously!) She's also a liar and a thief.

    But dad sure did like my sister a whole lot better.

    I never got one hint of praise for starting to work at age 14, graduating high school, graduating college, holding down a decent job, maintaining a marriage and a home, and having a meaningful spiritual practice. It's unbelievable. Instead, I was mostly the one that dad abused (physically, psychologically, and occasionally sexually). I was a piece of garbage to him and my sister was the golden one. Go figure.

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    Ya back with my dad cause I didn't do a HS sport I didnt get a free car or gas insurance while my 4 bro and 2 sis got all that handed to them on a platter while I worked in HS and after grad I started a bis with what I worked my a$$ off to get

    Now there grad college soon yet have no plan for life no job

    It's better to work hard enjoy the feeling that what's yours is direct result of your own work not a free $$ handout
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