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Thread: Cats or dogs?

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    Default Cats or dogs?

    So, the question has come up in the chat a few times lately, and of course has been a topic of furious debating; Which are better, cats or dogs?

    You all know my stance on the topic, but perhaps it is time we settled this topic once and for all (even if the result isn't the one I want.)

    So, get ready to cast your votes. There is no middle ground (eg: 'both' or 'neither') - you must pick a side. No anonymous voting.

    Cats or dogs? The choice is yours.*

    *(but even if dogs win the poll, cats will still always be better.)

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    you know what’s better than cats? awesome pet increadibly dangerous can cause house to burn down because of annoying t.v. program make me want to have pet even more.

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    PS: I am adding some pictures to help people make the decision:



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    OMG! those pictures are totally hilarious!

    I used to be a big cat person but, alas, I can't have them anymore. My kids are allergic to them. So we have dogs and they are really nice. There is a picture of one of my puppies somewhere here in the off-topic forum.

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    All pets are nothing compared to the awesomeness that is the rodent. Rodents are far cuter than silly little cats and dogs. They are also are smart and easy to take care of. So don't get a giant filthy animal, get a cute little fuzz ball, get a rodent.
    This message paid for by the Rodent Appreciation Group.

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    I vote dogs. Loyal friends to the end. That's why they have my vote.

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    Quote Originally Posted by babyjess View Post
    PS: I am adding some pictures to help people make the decision:


    I approve of this msg

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