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Thread: My mom gave me a weird look.

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    Default My mom gave me a weird look.

    My mom gave me a weird look today when I showed her that my coin came in the mail. I collect coins and I bought one off of ebay. I also bought shorts off of ebay and I received both items on the same day.
    She gave me a weird look and said that she placed them there because she doesn't want to open them and get me mad. I told her not to go through my stuff that comes in the mail because It was mine and I'm not sure if she knows about me being DL??
    Either she thought the 2 packages were diapers or just the stuff I bought.
    The pair of shorts I got could look like a pack of diapers but when I showed her what I bought it looked as if she looked relieved.
    She only opened one thing recently and that was a shirt I got but I have been getting a lot of samples in the mail from my survey thing I do on the side and some were diapers that were just sent to me without my request and some were my request. Not sure if shes reading where its coming from and if she thinks I'm into diapers but it was weird. I think I'm going to withdraw from getting samples for a while just to make sure it doesn't look like im a diaper freak.
    I just needed to vent and I have no clue whats going on in my moms head and it would be really weird to have some conversation about diapers especially with my big mouth family.

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    Hmmm, not sure how to read your mom about this. At least she is abiding by your request. My suggestion, is to maybe set up your own mailbox, like at a UPS store, so that such things, as diapers could be delivered there instead of your home. That way you could avoid such problems. Otherwise I would not make too much of it at present.

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    Yeah I'm sure she doesn't know anything but I'm not there everyday when the mail comes so just because she doesn't open up anything does not mean she can't read the label on the box. thanks for your help.

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    I'm not quite sure where diapers came into the equation. If she doesn't know about your interest in diapers, and the two items you received weren't diapers, than you're being paranoid.

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    recently I've been getting alot of diaper samples in the mail and I told her not to open up my mail but she did before I told her that. But luckily it was only a shirt but most of the rest of the stuff was diapers. Not sure if she read the label and didn't open it and she was curious about my 2 packages because they came from ebay and there is no label telling you what company it comes from.

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