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    Hey everybody...I'm just a normal guy from a normal background, but I have a few "hobbies" that are a little different from the norm. I like to think that makes me interesting, but most people just think I'm weird!

    OK, so what if I am weird. Sue me!

    I'm no stranger to online forums, and CERTAINLY no stranger to wearing diapers, which, of course, is why I'm here!

    I've been a diaper lover since I was out of diapers (if that makes any sense), anyway I've wanted to wear ever since I was potty-trained. Problem was, I thought I was the only one...and, thinking there was something wrong with me, I suppressed the urge. Eventually I moved away from home and then I figured, "Why not wear?" So, I have been enjoying being diapered & experimenting with different types & styles of diapers ever since! Still, even after I started wearing, I still assumed I was the only one, until it occurred to me to look it up on the internet! Then I found out I was far from the only one.

    Anyway, I'm rambling. In short, I have been wearing for years & enjoying lurking on these forums for quite a while now...I figured it was high time to get my own account & share and learn some of the finer intellectual nuances of diaper wearing for fun!

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    Hey StinkyPants, nice to meet you. That's a nice well written intro post but you forgot to tell us what your interests are outside of diapers! All I could tell from your profile is that you like cars.


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    Oh that's right! And I even did read the greeting guide and it did say to list some of my other interests outside diapers. I guess I have had diapers on my brain a lot lately (hence why I am here)!

    Well, I am an active, outdoorsy type dude...always have been. I love anything outdoors, hiking, camping, fishing, climbing, you name it. I love water, especially the ocean, and I can and do swim for miles at a time. (Not in disposable diapers though...they tend to fall apart I'm in good shape & take care of myself. I am mechanically inclined & I love things that make noise, go fast, fly high, whatever. I like to work on and build things. I also love to read, mostly history & historical novels, and though I am not highly educated, I have always had a knack for writing, especially poetry and short stories.

    In my professional life, I am an electrical technician, and I enjoy that too for the reasons I mentioned above. I love to figure problems out, fix things, build things, and get my hands dirty. I get great satisfaction from that.

    I spent a lot of time in the past feeling quite isolated and somewhat down on myself, a lot of times I think I see the world differently than a lot of people around me. Lately I have come to accept a lot of things abou myself, including that "hey, I wear diapers and I enjoy what?" I don't flaunt it, but I have learned, as I'm sure many others here also have, that your choice of underwear really isn't as big a deal in the scheme of things, as what you may have thought it was when you first started wearing. Most people won't know, the ones who know won't care if they're mature. proud of who you are, right? And I am happy to be me. But now I have "regressed" into talking about diapers again. So I'll duck out before the moderators get on my case

    Looking forward to talking to some good folks, seems like there's a lot of 'em here!

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    Great! I have a ton in common actually. I love the outdoors, especially backpacking, hiking, and mountain biking. I love reading and love building things and taking things apart. See, this is why we ask for this kind of detail because it allows us to create deeper connections to others and not just on one narrow topic. Aren't you glad you included all that now?

    And don't worry about talking more about diapers. This is a diaper site after all and it is fully allowed and encouraged to discuss that topic as long as you aren't going on and on about it in one of the forums unrelated to that topic.

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    I was going to mention that you might find it even easier to make friends if you change your username to something a bit more subtle.
    To do so, go here and look for the "username change" option.

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    Hey StinkyPants, welcome to the forum. (and from a fellow Ohioan). That was a very thoughtful description of yourself, thanks. Just like you, when I was a kid and teen, I was SURE I was the only person in the entire world who wanted to wear diapers again - after all, who in their right mind would want something as embarrassing as that? I happen to also be a swimmer and used to swim competitively, though more of a lap swimmer now (but a fast lap swimmer!).

    Anyway, stick around awhile and participate in the forums. Glad you finally discovered you are not alone.
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    Moo, I took your advice & changed my name...still not a title I would use for myself anywhere else, but I do think it's a little more subtle. It's a reference to a time when a girl who knew I was wearing diapers laughed & said "you're crackling!" as I walked by her. I thought it was a funny choice of words.
    Anyway, thanks for letting me be a part of your community!

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