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    Hey so I'm thinking about trying a new diaper (I've tried only baby diapers like Pull Ups, Luvs and currently Pampers Cruisers). I was thinking about buying Depends or maybe Pull Ups. What do you guys think? Thanks in advance!

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    I say do what you want to do, but trust me when you try an adult diaper that fits better your will have so much more fun, or at least I did when I got my first adult diapers

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    I would say stick with the luvs and pampers. I tried the adult diapers and was not big on them I like the baby diapers better than the adult ones.

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    OK now Im stuck. Ive got 1 sayin adult and 1 sayin baby. I dont have money for both and Ive never tried adult before so I think Ill try those. But who knows maybe the baby ones are better...

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    Have fun with whatever you want to do. If you find that your starting to be too big for baby diapers and pull ups and whatnot, go for the adult diapers.

    I say stick to the baby diapers as long as you can fit in them, they are lots of fun just to be in. Adult diapers are a lot bigger and you may miss the tightness and closeness of a baby diaper. I guess the best way to describe this situation is your going to have fun just wearing baby diapers and playing baby, but in adult diapers, your going to have lots of fun wetting them to their full extent, but they're not nearly as cute as baby diapers (at least not the ones you get from your local store).

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    When I switched from Baby diapers to Depends, I was enthralled with how much larger and much easier they fit.

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    Adult diapers will eventually have to be worn when wanting to wet. Baby diapers aren't very functional on the adult body, because the leg gatherers stretch out and create gaps around the groin and back of legs. However, Depends aren't the greatest, but the fit is better and absorbancy is a bit better. Once you start exploring your diapering options online, all of you hanging on to your baby diapers will find out that Depends arent nothing close to what you can find. (nothing against baby diapers.) Learn what a visa gift card can do for you, include your local UPS store that accepts packages and lets you pick up there. Depends are okay for a first time or two but you'll want better and better. Same goes for store brands.

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    If you're anywhere near puberty, there's pretty much no way you'll fit into Pull-Ups. If you can fit relatively well into them, I would recommend staying with baby diapers-they're much cuter and absorb surprisingly well. They're also very easy to explain away to someone, say a clerk. Just mumble little sis/brother. Most people don't realize how big they actually can be. I've tried depends, and if you plan on buying them, make SURE you get the refastenable kind(another thing I like about baby diapers is the velcro) because it can be difficult to get a good fit, and if the tapes tears the diaper;it is toast.

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    Once you try proper fitting diapers you won't want to use baby diapers for anything but stuffers. If you are under 150 lbs you would probably fit into goodnites. Most adult pull ups suck so look for fitted briefs if you are going to buy adult diapers.

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