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Thread: Best girlfriend ever!! Also... advice?

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    Default Best girlfriend ever!! Also... advice?

    I just felt like sharing that. I met my girlfriend through a friend of a friend, and it turns out we have a lot in common! Including diapers (never thought I'd randomly meet someone who had the same fetish) We've been dating for awhile now, and it's been really fun! Although diapers aren't a big part of our life or sex life... I was curious, how does everyone else incorporate diapers in their relationships? I'm just curious for some ideas =]

    Thank you to everyone who responds!
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    My gf and me are both abdl, and long distance too... so as you can probably imagine, when we meet up there's two things we want to do, baby and adult... It's usually just a case of wearing and babying each other for some of the time, and adult stuff for other parts of the time.

    One thing to bear in mind, be as open as possible - it's very easy for diaper/baby play to overtake adult stuff, depending on levels of experience in both areas! So if at any point you want more or less of each, make sure to discuss it!

    Are you wanting to involve the baby play in your sex life? Or keeping both separate?

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    I haven't had the luck with the girl on the other end of the relationship sharing the same interests as myself.. although I guess I can give it a shot.

    One thing you really want to pay attention to is how often you incorporate *B/DLism into your relationship. Even though at first, you might find it fun, appeasing, etc, there are occasions where "Too much of a good thing" can be bad.

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    Thank you guys for responding! I know this has been up for awhile! Well, neither of us are really into age play or baby play. I'm still figuring out if I'm more ab or dl, but I think we both like the nurturing. For us, it's more a loss of control that we enjoy. And she is really into bdsm and the humiliation factor diapers can add would be fun to play around with.

    I suppose that makes sense... like, we don't necessarily need to incorporate diapers into sex, but more just incorporate them into like a fun day. And that's because we aren't really into age play or anything like that, more like roleplay. And also, we're extremely open with each other. Like, more than I ever thought was possible. I can bring up anything and so can she!

    And I did notice that we used to play around with it quite a bit more than we do now, but I'd still like to keep it part of our fun time =] There are enough other fetishes/common interests we have sexually that not one thing has dominated our sex lives yet. Thank you guys so much for the responses!

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    Sounds like you have a good balance there - so congrats! I think it's certainly good that you're both open to a lot, and happy to experiment - shows signs of a strong bond between you! If you don't mind me asking, how did you find out about the ABDL ness? Are you both at the same level/stage of experience with it? Had you both done a lot before meeting each other? Sounds exciting though!!!

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    Well, it's a really interesting story... So, I shall explain. I met her... almost a year ago now, maybe more, at a friends "end of quarter" party. I had my girlfriend at the time with me (actually, my longest relationship was with my now ex). Well, we met this girl, and totally hit it off. We started hanging out a lot, and one drunken night we all had a 3 some (current gf is bisexual, ex definitely wasnt). Well, this continued for months, we had lots of crazy fun. (I actually didn't have sex with her, she was a virgin) Anyways, my ex and I broke up and I basically continued seeing this girl, and we ended up making it official. So we are now in an "open relationship" and it's a blast. Anyways, while we were in the fooling around stage, I regularly emailed her and was trying to get to know her. I became pretty open to my friends about diapers, none of them think it's all that weird, some of them were even curious about it. So I learned that she was really into bdsm and I confessed and told her I was into diapers, and she basically said that she was glad she wasn't the only one. It only went on from there, I showed her my collection of ab/dl things, we made online purchases together, all that stuff. I would say I've had more experience, because I played with diapers with one other person (who wasn't so into it) and I've bought all sorts of diapers and toys and props online. In conclusion, both sexually and with diapers, I was more experienced than she was. But I've had the most amazing time of my life while being with this girl. Someday, years from now once we both have careers, we will elope.

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    Wow, that's a great way to meet, and awesome that she happened to be into it too - I certainly don't know the odds of two people meeting and both being into ABDL - the usual story is that one partner has grown to like it!

    Sounds like you have a really good time together - one further question (seeing as you're being so kind as to answer them :-) ) - how does an "open relationship" work? Is it a case of dating whoever you want and then hanging out together when the mood strikes? Or that you're both dating one another, but allowed to do things with other people on the side?

    I only ask because literally the last episode of House I watched was bout an open relationship!!!

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    I completely agree!! The odds of meeting someone, through a friend of a friend, at a random party, is just insane.

    And we do, like I said, I will most likely end up marrying this girl someday. I mean, if things hold up. It will be a few years away! And an open relationship works like... we are both together and in love, but we can see other people either together or separately. We are totally open with each other, and actually I'm the only person who has actually ventured out and fooled around. But it's like a relationship where theres little to no jealousy, which is really nice!

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    Well without being a cynic, I presume the open relationship will end when you get more serious? Or would it continue into marriage? Out of interest, how would you feel if she started dating around? Hehe sorry to be so inquisitive!

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    Actually, we're very serious already. But we talked about it, and it would be something that continued into marriage, whether its like a swinger/open relationship thing. And I feel like it would only be fair if I didn't get jealous if she started dating around. We have thought about getting together with other couples, but so many only want a woman and the guy is too jealous to let another guy touch his girl. I'm all about being fair, and I wouldn't get into a situation like that because it isn't fair.

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