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Thread: "Ghetto" PC Rigs/Mods

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    Default "Ghetto" PC Rigs/Mods

    I think this might be a fun thread.
    If you have any ghetto/modded parts on your computer, post away!
    Example, this is the First iteration(of which theres roughly 7, but only 3 of which are noteworthy) of my computers "control panel":
    All this one actually did was trun it on, and then make the light on the red switch glow.
    It was actually pretty fun, and no one else could turn it on.

    So yeah, post away.

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    I have a case fan that is a fairly tight fit between the front bottom of the case and the hard drive rack, I had to use tape on the bottom to hold it in place so it doesn't vibrate and wiggle.

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    I do a fair bit of modding. Am currently (or at least trying) modding a very nice but noisy network switch. Am basically building a custom speed controller which will regulate the speed of the fans based on 3 therms (2 on the heatsink, one ambient). Because this is a home network, the switch sits idle for long periods of time (especially at night), during which time it doesn't actually even really need the fans at all. When I'm actually doing stuff though.. the switch gets under pretty heavy load (which is why I bought a heavy duty server-room type switch with noisy fans in the first place vs a standard consumer switch which uses passive cooling) and the exhaust could dry hair . My controller should allow the fan to stay quiet when not in use.. and kick up the cooling (and noise) when the switch is under load.

    I also have a penchant for adding old style knobs, switches, readouts, toggles, etc to my hardware. I actually want to build a control room style console on my desk... with all manner of (functioning) switches and readouts ... probably tied into my computer(s) via usb. All this soft touch stuff LCD display stuff is garbage in my book. I like real switches with a nice, satisfying click.

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