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Thread: Is it normal to enjoy making your own Cloth diapers

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    Default Is it normal to enjoy making your own Cloth diapers

    I have always Enjoyed making my own IC products ,,as I am dissatified with The Pre made Cloth Diapers
    Funny thing is that I dont know anyone who Has IC or Is a AB/DL or all 3 that that acutly makes their own Diapers .

    I Dont feel that it is normal for me to enjoy making diapers

    My GF thinks its Cool that I do make my own AIO ,,,,and thinks the diapers I make are really Good and I should Sell them ...but I am afraid if I do this People will find out who I am ,,,and I dont want that ,,,but on the other hand ..I just might enjoy it as much as what I do right now ,

    What are your thoughts ?

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    Before disposable diapers improved to the point that I could rely upon them, I made my own cloth diapers and plastic pants. I did so roughly between 1965 and 1995. I wouldn't say that I exactly enjoyed the process, but it was a job that needed doing, and I did it. However, when disposables improved to the point where I could more or less rely upon them to keep my pants dry on the outside during the daytime, I was happy to give up my sewing and absolutely delighted to give up washing cloth diapers.

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    Im DL, looking to making my own Locking cloth diapercover soon. Dont really like plastic pants w/chains, just dont seem comfy.

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    I admire you for being able to make them. There are so many cute baby prints in fabrics that I would think it would open up a whole world to you that is not available to the rest of us. I don't think you should feel weird at all. As for making and selling and being found out, since you are IC, I don't think you owe anyone an explanation.

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    Do what you enjoy. Is liking diapers normal? Is wanting to be treated like a baby normal? Frankly, "normal" people scare me :P

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    How is it not normal to enjoy doing something creative and resourceful?

    I have made my own cloth diapers in the past, and I've got the material for another batch (this time, fleece pocket diapers that snap fasten). Your work looks nice. If you like making diapers, keep it up and don't feel bad.

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    People enjoy doing constructive things. I enjoy woodworking and locksmithing and digital cartography. My dad loves putting together puzzles. My mom enjoys making scrubs for work (she works in a hospital). I have a friend that makes the most brilliant onesies (he used to sell them on eBay once in awhile actually).

    Making cloth diapers sure ain't illegal, so if you enjoy it, then by all means, do it.

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    Not weird at all. I enjoy making diapers and baby items just as much as wearing and using them.

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    I've frequently thought of making my own but I haven't had the time to pursue it. I certainly don't view it as weird. I'm kind of a do-it-yourselfer anyways so I'm kind of surprised that I haven't found the time yet. If I really wanted it, my wife would probably make them for me. She's been talking about making herself some rumba pants.

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