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Thread: Computer brag topic!

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    Default Computer brag topic!

    I searched through and didn't see any topics like this on the forum already. Just thought I'd see what kind of rigs the other techie adiscers are running.

    This is my Sager 9262 desknote that I got two years ago February. Runs Crysis maxed at 1920x1200 with 0x AA. Haven't really tried playing anything recent on it but, I hope to be able to get back into PC gaming soon.

    Briefly specs are:

    3.0ghz Q9650 Core 2 Quad
    4gb 833mhz ddr2
    2x 9800m GTX (comparable to a 8800gt desktop card, each has 1gb of video memory and an 800/600 core/memory clock).
    3x 7200rpm 320gb hard disks in RAID 5

    CPU-Z/GPU-Z Screens:

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    the desktop I use now:

    cpu: AMD Phenom II X4 940 @ 3Ghz
    Ram: 6 GB ddr2
    Gpu: Nvidia GeForce 9600 GT 1GB
    screen: 2x samsung syncmaster 223BW

    It's a pretty old system by now (I guess about 2-3 years?), but since I'm not into hardcore pc gaming, it's still a very decent setup.
    I also have the same setup as a backup/server, but it has 8 MB DDR3, a solid state disk, but doesn't have a GPU

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    Current system:-

    3.6GHz Core i7 930
    6GB 1600MHz DDR3
    ATi HD 5870 GPU
    1x Intel X-25M 160GB SSD, 2x Samsung 5400RPM 1.5TB Hard Disks

    Currently working my way through Crysis 2 at similar settings. Seems pretty smooth.

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    My baby
    Operating System: MS Windows 7 Ultimate 64-bit SP1
    CPU: AMD Phenom II X6 1055T 30 C
    Thuban 45nm Technology
    RAM: 8.0GB Dual-Channel DDR3 @ 687MHz (9-9-9-24)
    Motherboard: ASUSTeK Computer INC. M4A87TD EVO (AM3) 39 C
    Graphics:Philips 170S ([email protected])
    ATI Radeon HD 5700 Series
    Hard Drives:31.3GB OCZ-VERTEX ATA Device (SATA)
    488GB Seagate ST3500320AS ATA Device (SATA) 34 C
    Optical Drives: DTSoftBusCd00
    LITE-ON DVDRW SOHW-1633S SCSI CdRom Device
    Audio: VIA High Definition Audio

    CPU-Z Validator 3.1
    techPowerUp GPU-Z Validation kndry

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    Specs of my current desktop PC:
    Motherboard: Asus P6T Deluxe
    Power Supply: ThermalTake TR2 RX-850 850 Watt
    Processor: Intel Core i7 920 2.6GHz overclocked to 3.8GHz (also has Thermaltake Ultra-120 heatsink)
    RAM: 12GB of Corsar XMS3 DDR3 1600 SDRAM (Six 2GB sticks, running in triple channel)
    HDD(s): 128GB Crucial RealSSD (355MB/sec read, 140MB/sec write) - Mac OS X Snow Leopard, 2TB Western Digital (7,200 RPM) - Media Drive, 750GB Western Digital SE16 (7,200RPM) - Windows 7 Drive
    Drives: LG BH10LS30 16X BD/DVD SuperMuti Burner (16X DVD-R, 10X BD-R read and write)
    Graphics: XFX ATI Radeon HD 5870 1GB
    Displays: Samsung SyncMaster 2443bwx (1920X1200), 42 inch HDTV (1080p) - normally used for certain games
    Networking: Two Gigabit Ethernet ports
    Sound Card: Onboard 7.1 Sound, Creative Labs X-Fi XtremeGamer 7.1 (not used, lack of support)
    Ports: 12 USB ports (two are USB 3.0), two firewire, two eSATA ports (one on back, one on case)
    Extras: BlueTooth 2.1 (USB dongle), Xbox 360 Wireless Receiver, 8 in 1 internal media card reader
    OS(s) installed: Mac OS X Snow Leopard, Windows 7 Ultimate 64 bit

    OS X Hardware Identifier:
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    My PC, I built it back in January so it's all sorta new hardware, I just didn't spend an ungodly amount of money on it. It has been able to max out all games I tried at over 30fps (if it's under that, I consider it unplayable) So far only games that are deemed is "unplayable" on max settings are Metro 2033 and GTA: Episodes From Liberty City.
    Without further a due, here are my specs:

    AMD Phenom II x4 955
    NVIDIA GeForce GTX 570
    G.Skill DDR3 8GB (TWO 4gb sticks, making that dual channel)
    Coolermaster case with red LEDs
    Microsoft gaming keyboard
    Razer Deathadder
    Samsung Spinpoint 1TB HDD running at 7200RPM
    DVD-RW drive
    Antec Earthwatts 750w

    ...and that's my computer!

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    i7-960 OC'd to 4.1GHz
    12GB DDR3 OC'd to 2000 MHz
    ASUS Sabertooth X58
    GeForce GTX 260
    64 GB SSD
    1TB 5600RPM HDD

    i also have my media server which is sorta my old desktop
    E8400 Duo Core 3.00GHz
    2GB DDR2
    1TB 5400RPM x2 (each backing up my desktop)
    2TB 5400RPM x2 (has various media and other information, both drives are a mirror to eachother).

    i also have a small off site backup for the extremely important stuff. As well, you can see i am very paranoid if a HD craps out

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    core i7 950
    Gigabyte GA-X58A-UD3R
    12GB triple channel DDR3 1600
    dual ATI HD 5860
    120GB SSD SF-1200 controller
    3 x 2TB
    1 x 1.5 TB
    1 x 1 1TB
    running windows 7

    that's my basement computer (also media server), and also identical to my work computer (got em both same time)
    laptop is an i3, 2GB ram, 160GB SSD.

    then there are two more laptops, and two more desktops in the house..
    samsung galaxy tab, playbook (in a couple days), blackberries..
    2x PS3, 2x Wii, projector and 110" screen in the basement.
    full sound systems up and down (and outside)
    two wireless access points, cisco firewall
    (sorry, i know a bit of a segway into the rest of the house...)

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    2.2 GHZ amd 64 X2 dual processor
    2 GB of ram

    it's enough to play most new games on med, if not low.

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