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    Default Hello from long island

    Hi all!
    I'm A DL who sometime enjoys wearing babyclothes. I've never really been keen on the idea of a Caretaker persey, But I might be interested in becoming a daddy oneday for the right person. I'm also a baby fur with a profile on furaffinity. I can't draw so I feed real artist by commisioning them to draw my daydreams to life. :3 I've always been fasinated by the idea of hypnosis and forced regression.
    It took me a long time to come to grips with being an infantilist or AB/DL if you prefer. Since I first discovered these urges long before Al Gore invented the internet it was kinda scarey. I knew I had no interest in pedophilla but I was sure I would be treated as if I was some sorta pervert. I first got internet connection my freshman year at college, and the relief honestly changed my life. Before that I tried hard to push people away, the only time I made friends was when I started smoking copios amounts of pot in high school. It still took me a long time to come to grips with myself but here I am today.

    In real life I'm a workaholic truck driver for a local company owned by my family. I enjoy reading a lot, some of my favorite authors include

    Stephen King
    Edgar Allan Poe
    George R.R. Martin
    R.A. Salvatore

    I'm also a fan of Jam band Music Scene, some of my favorite bands include
    Carbon Leaf
    Keller Williams
    Umphries Magee
    Gov't Mule
    Blues Travaller
    Dave Matthews Band

    No one I'm friends with in real life knows anything about AB/DL. I've spoken to 2 thearapist about it and they seemed clueless. So I've decided to come here to talk with other like minded people, drop me a line one day if you wanna chat on msn or something.

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    Hi PaddedIslander and Welcome to ADISC.

    If you don't mind me asking, what's your B-fursona? And for what it's worth, I can't draw worth a dang either.

    I see you're also a truck driver, would you be manhandling 18-wheelers, straight-trucks, box trucks or just stock trucks like Dodge Rams? If you don't mind me asking, that is.

    Sweet, we even share some same author and music artist tastes - Stephen King, E.A. Poe, and Gov't Mule Ooohhhhh I could go on for hours about this but I don't want to bore you hehehehe.

    So, yeah. Have fun, hope to see you around

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    Hihi Tripped
    My B-Fursona is Puddles, a 3 y/o bunny girl, my furaffinity
    link is here Userpage of zikayoka -- Fur Affinity [dot] net.
    I drive a tanker truck (class B in NY, so I can't drive Tractor Trailers yet,
    might go for my class A one day). I work for a sanitation company and spend my days pumping out porto-potties or cleaning Septic systems, not the best job in the world but it pays the bills. I really do find it ironic that people say Ab/dls are gross for wearing diapers, cause I've seen things in porto-potties that are more disgusting than anything I've ever done in a diaper. Just my

    But thanks for responding, I thought my wall-o-text scared people off hehe

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    D'aaaaweeee bunny

    If you do eventually go for a class A, I'd be rooting for you.

    It may be true that cleaning porta-potties or septics may not be the "most glorious" job in the world, but it IS an honest days work for an honest paycheck. And ooohhhh gawd I can only imagine half of the grotesque stuff you've come across.

    And on a side note, I guess I saw past the wall-o-text because the paragraph size was about the size of a normal paragraph in my stories. And you're more than welcome

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