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Thread: Hey, found someplace to call home!

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    Default Hey, found someplace to call home!


    Long time lurker, first time poster. I haven't been a forum member for anything DL related in a really long time. Never saw the need to socialize I guess, but things change and here I am! I'm self employed as a mobile application developer. About to get married this October, so life is a little crazy these days.

    I'm all over the place for hobbies, but for the most part I read a lot of books (145 last year!). I've gotten in to comics and graphic novels in the last year as well (doesn't help that a comic store opened up a between my walk to work and home...). I love to camp, walk anywhere that isn't pavement and play friendly games of ultimate frisbee or disc golf.

    So far I've had some good reads on this site. I think I'm a little late to show to contribute in most cases, but I'll keep my eyes open. I think the blogging feature is quite appealing, a place to share what's going on in my mostly secret part of my life. Which makes this site like a group therapy session with a bunch of strangers

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    Hai there Jim . Welcome to adisc. Your book count puts me to shame, I've only just started reading again, after what must be about a 5-6 year gap :X. Just finished my first book in 6 years though! :O

    Remember to pop into the chatroom and say hai, it's a great place to meet new people in a more informal setting .

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    Hehe, I didn't get back into reading until 3 or 4 years after I graduated from university. I've been steadily reading more since, but I think last year was an anomaly. Took a lot of vacation time and was sick a fair bit. I'll probably only hit 100 or so this year.

    I popped into chat soon after my post actually. Just lurking for now

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