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Thread: Lets Make This Interesting. Hello :)

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    Red face Lets Make This Interesting. Hello :)

    Hello Ya'll,

    Honestly I'm quite bad at intros, but Ill try my best to describe me to you . Well Im currently in highschool, I'm a HUGE band nerd, I play the trumpet. I also love music,most genres. Yeah, I'm a TB , and Diaper Lover. lol. I also like to play some games. oh oh oh I like most winter sports, there fun. I like reading too. Yeah. And and and I'm here well, to make some friends and well yeah.
    I hope thats enough about me? Feel Free To ask


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    Hai there n.n. Welcome to the forums. What sorta games you into? I do find myself playing a lot of vidya games nowadays, it's all those bad influence I hang around with! n.n'. Don't forget to pop into the chatroom and say hi. Some very welcoming people on there :3.

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    Dude! I'm in the my high school band too. I play the trombone though. Were both tb/dl sissy/lg too. You know what. I'm gonna send you a friend request. You seem pretty cool feel free to talk to anytime. And make sure to come look at my profile to see what else I like and thinks I've posted and threads I've started.

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    By the way, what year are you in high school?

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    Welcome! So when you say most genres of music, what are the ones that get left out? These days I fond myself listening to a lot of trance and DnB on one side, Pet Shop Boys, Rush, and other random stuff on another. Country and rap are pretty much right out for me.

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