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Thread: Is there really a difference between all day and all night diapers

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    Default Is there really a difference between all day and all night diapers

    I see them on every site and I really don't believe there is a difference(by rationality).Do you know the difference

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    Well from my experience it really depends on the brand in question. I think that all day diapers for instance would have more absorbent "gels" as opposed to fluff, along with a trade off of plastic exteriors for more of a cloth like one, to allow for a more discreet nature, where as in night time diapers this would be less important. However as far as comparable absorbency I would imagine that would lie with the brand i.e. the more expensive brands. I do notice however that websites seem to label the products night/day not by the particular absorbency of a given product, but by the features that make them discreet or not.

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    In theory, "daytime" diapers would be aimed more for being discreet (thinner, cloth backed, pullup style) at the sacrifice of absorbancy, while nighttime diapers would be the exact opposite. Now how that works out in actuality, I have no idea.

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