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Thread: Oh god, not the 80's. Not breakdancing. Not Humphrey.

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    Default Oh god, not the 80's. Not breakdancing. Not Humphrey.

    Oh my god.

    YouTube - Me and my brother Glen Rap Dancing in Humphrey B Bears Movie

    I think that just made me officially hate the 1980's.

    I mean, it like collectively raped EVERY SINGLE ASPECT OF MY CHILDHOOD.

    *epic facepalm that sends out a gigantic shockwave that destroys half of the street*

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    OMG thats so evil.

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    Ah, Thats interesting, I didn't know Humphrey was a character made for some 80s TV show.

    But while watching that video, I couldn't help but laugh at how back then, dancing just consisted of who had the most authentic looking seizure by spinning the fastest on the floor! But really, when will they learn they can't dance unless they can do some decent moves... Not half arsed ones to try and make yourself look cool.

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    Why hate the 1980s? I grew up in the 1980s.


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    What's more facepalm worthy....the cheesiness of what looks like a low budget movie, the terrible 80's breakdancing, or the fact they tried to have Humphrey breakdance....

    Either way, the 80's were simultaneously awesome and terrible because of it.

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    ugh, i've seen better breakdancing bears...

    not only is the break dancing awful, but the guy is wearing the tackiest joggers outfit i have ever seen. What an insult to the 80s indeed

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    O.o so humphrey is actually a real thing?

    Yay!! 400 post ^_^ Thanks Humphrey, so here another Humphrey video. YouTube - Laura and Humphrey

    *EDIT* I was bored so I type in Humphrey B. Bear in Wikipedia and found this Humphrey B. Bear - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

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