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Thread: new abena x plus

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    Default new abena x plus

    just got my abenas this morning lol my mom got them from the guy and tossed them in myy room at least they were in a plain box can u say akward lol she mite know there diapers but who cares lol i put one on with my plastic pants and soaked it right away since i just woke up lol but it held it all with no signs of leaking i luv these diapees and cant wait to get more and as for the size thing i need to get large next time but the mediums will do till than lol

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    This is hilarious! I just ordered some abena x-plus and I'm getting them today too! I also ordered tranquility atns to try out, and a baby bottle just for kicks. It's a dream come true since I always wanted these diapers, but I was stuck with depends or baby diapers when I was in middle school and high school.

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    same here but imma senior in hs and mite try to wear them to hs lol they are great

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    Abena x-plus are amazing. I got my first pack a few days ago and have been wearing after school everyday since. I will wet before going to bed, again during the night, once in the morning before getting in the shower. No sign of leakage whatsoever

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    i know right but i wonder if i should try to wear too school

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    I never wore at school, always thought it would be a bad idea, might try at a night class though (I'm in college)

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    I tried wearing an Abena to school. I didnt wet it or anything. I even wore tight skinny jeans, and no one saw a thing.

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    I Love Abena's too sitting in one right now. I've only worn them outside of the house to goto like the drive thru or a couple of times to the grocery store don't know if I would have had the guts to wear one in school though!

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    I'm going to wear one later, I don't want to waste absorbency since I get up early. Tranquility atns aren't bad, they're thin at first, but they get thicker when wet

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    im wearing an abena right now and i wet it layong down so only the back is wet lol but it soaked it up nice and now ill wet the front later

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    today is also my test day im gonna try walkin around and sitting down repeatably and test if with my abena and plastic pants and my black loose athletic pants and if by the end of the day or around 3 if nuthin leaked and all is good and no one acts like they noticed i will wear to school on monday i think it will be my first day back at school since spring break wish me luck


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