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Thread: Anyone Else Afraid of the Wind?

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    Default Anyone Else Afraid of the Wind?

    Ever since I was little, I have always been afraid of the wind. It makes scary noise around my house. I used to always dread going to sleep at night when it was windy, because it was pretty scary. I don't mind it as much anymore, but I just thought this may be an interesting topic.

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    I used to be scared of wind, too. When I was a kid I had a tall plant that grew outside my window and it would bang and scratch. It used to scare the crap out of me at night.

    Now I only dislike it when it's really strong during a storm. It bangs the shingles on the roof and it sounds like the house has sprouted wings and is flapping to take off!

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    Generally no, but every now and then, when you can almost feel the whole house shift and sway, TOTALLY! O_o

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    I love the sound of the wind as it gusts by, I think it sounds awesome. Although I understand your situation because I have and am experiencing it first hand. Phobias suck. I'm arachnophobic. Frightened to death of those 8 legged little shites.

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    Not going to lie I get vary nervous/scared when it gets really windy. When I was little a tree fell threw our house during a bad storm and I've gotten nervous every time since then.

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    I used to be very afraid of things like this as a kid, now I'm glad I'm not. Although, if I found myself alone, with no sound but the wind blowing through the trees, I might get little nervous. I haven't been in a situation like that recently so I don't really know.

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    Wind doesn't bug me, outside of when it is cold (or having to walk in it). Thunder/lightning combos is my issue, when you can see the lightning bolt and hear the thunder right after, it usually freaks me out :/

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    Yeah, sometimes wind scares me a lot. I've been in two tornados that touched down within a block of where I was and four other tornados that touched down within 1/2 mile of whare I was. I am not fond of storms with a lot of wind in them. Just wind by itself is more of a nuisance and I am not scared of that

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    I once found myself under the center of a funnel cloud. Scarex the begeevers out of me. I ran into the nearest store and headed for the sturdiest looking racks I could find.

    I have seen 10 tornadoes in my lifetime, but the wind itself doesn't bother me.

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