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    Hi everyone. I live in Chicago Illinois, I am 45yo (going on 2) and have been introduced to the AB/DL world by a former Domme. and all I can say is it has opened up a whole new world for me. I simply luv it.

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    Hey boy, welcome to adisc. First off just a heads up, this is probably one of the most unique diaper sites out there as its main aim is support and is more focused on community. As mikey said there are kids on this site so just be carefull of what you say.

    Anyway, tell us about yourself, like interests and the liuke outside of being a abdl or what ever

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    Hello and welcome.

    However, please keep it down on the BDSM stuff here - this forum is open to all ages, and we really don't need or want to know about any specifics of your sex life. Surely, you wouldn't discuss that with the 15 year old kid from next door either.

    So as the others have said, tell us something about yourself other than your diaper interests!

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