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Thread: any ideas how to tell your friends your a diaper lover?? any help would be great

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    Default any ideas how to tell your friends your a diaper lover?? any help would be great

    you might think it would be easy to tell someone i'm a diaper lover due to me being disabled...wrong because i need help putting on my clothes in fact i've never told any of my friends or even any of my pca's simply due to fear about how they will react people just aren't openminded enough for me to even begin to feel comfortable share this part of myself oh i almost forgot to mention i do have full control of both sistems so i can't use that angle to fullfill this desire
    sorry for rambling

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    The first and sincerely the most important question you should ask yourself is: "WHY DO I WANT TO COME OUT TO MY *FRIENDS*???".

    Honestly the reason I point you to that bit of "self criticism" is because depending on your motives it might be just to come out or it might be a completely unnecessary thing to do.

    if you are feeling "opressed" by not being able to use diapers and you have no way of putting them on yourself (being disabled) then you might need / want sincere help with that issue... in which regard I would maybe suggest to confide in a single person, someone who's already taking care of you - like dressing / washing / etc... if that person is somewhat openminded, I guess he/she will not see much harm in it.

    if GETTING DIAPERED is part of your idea of sexual gratification or "pleasurable" - well I suggest REFRAIN FROM ABUSING YOUR FRIENDS. That I would consider OVER THE TOP - disabled or not.

    Involving others in your FETISH is usually not a good thing to do... I for one would not like to be included in my best friends sexual fantasies, no matter how much I like them.
    With a GF/BF/... it would be a different situation of course - entirely different.

    Also if you can't manage the diapering part yourself - well you'll also need someone to change you & clean you up... sorry mate - but that is ASKING A LOT of anyone... especially if they're not "romantically involved" with you.

    If you can however diaper yourself - well I see ABSOLUTELY NO JUSTIFICATION in telling your friends AT ALL... unless you and your friends are very openminded when it comes to sexual topics and discuss them freely it would be pushing your fantasies unto others - which is not a good thing to do.

    About HOW to tell if you still want to...
    Don't try lying about any of that stuff - either keep it private (which I would suggest strongly) or if you wish / need to share that information to so with a honest intention.
    Again, I have to wonder WHY AT ALL...
    Try to get a talk started about fetishes in general and if it goes well, bring up diapers and your little secret.

    Sorry to be a pain about this - but again, I seriously have to question your motives to do so and so should you.

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    thanks for your advice i will consider your input when figuring out how to deal with this

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    I'd echo what Tommygun said:

    "WHY do you want to tell your friends?"

    I've told some friends that I shouldn't have, and I was looking for justification and put my friends in awkward spots. It's not I/you need diapers, so we'd either be lying to our friends, or putting them in an awkward sexual situation.

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