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    Let me introduce myself. I am Ger. I've been into diapers and plastic pants since I was 5 years old. The feel of the plastic gives me that sensation as if I drown into a sea of softness. I love to read diaperstories. Now, anyone who loves these stories: first of all a tip from me. There's a book with a couple of diaperstories published! The author is a woman who liked all kinds of roleplay, Jane Doeller. Here is a review from an reader:

    "Jane Doeller must be from Europe, the way she tells about her 'unusual' sex experiences with her boyfriends. It's clearly written with a funny undertone, but also exactly 'the way it is', as she writes on the backcover. The stories are mostly about what she has experienced during her sexual experiments (fetish/perversions?) This woman kept an open mind and enjoyed these things thoroughly...something that every woman (and man) who like this kind of sexual games should do without the shame our society often teaches us to have for this. The nine stories contain experiments with diaper experiences, a toiletslave experience and a 'Vore' experience, as well as the 'usual' slave (whipping, humiliation, etc) experiences and much more.

    Jane Doeller really gives you an insight and tries to open minds for the things millions of people love and get turned on by but hide in shame for this. In detail she describes her reactions, actions and that of her 'playmate's'

    I loved this book. The way that Jane Doeller describes her 'cruel' and 'loving' acts made me incredibly 'open'. Let's say I got in the mood to try out some things myself (yeah). It's a hot book: 9 short stories that will blow your mind (Even if you're already into it):"

    After four weeks (I think it was) he would lie next to me on the bed and, again, positioned his legs like I just described. I was curious about this behavior and wanted to know why he was such an extraordinary sweet, boyish guy who seemed to want to give me a different kind of attention…more that of a toddler to his mommy.
    ‘Jack, please be honest with me. I want to know why you often behave in this fashion with me…like a child. I like it but I’m curious to know.’
    Jack took a long look into my eyes and then revealed his fixation to me.
    ‘I have a fetish. A very strong fetish. Since I was five or six, I’ve had this obsession with diapers and especially with plastic pants. I don’t know where it comes from or why I have it but whenever I see a plastic pants or touch the material, I get so incredibly hot. But it’s more than getting horny from the idea of wearing diapers or feeling the plastic around my butt. I also feel warm inside when I put them on, like I am being loved intensely.’
    I nodded. I could understand the feeling he was talking about. I imagined that same intense feeling of love when I thought of having a baby myself.
    He continued:
    ‘There’s more. I have plastic pants and cotton diapers at home. When I put them on, I sometimes dream that I’m being taken care of by a mommy and that I am forced to wear them, because my ‘mommy’ doesn’t want me to grow up.’
    ‘Interesting,’ I said. ‘Aren’t you afraid I will be turned off by telling me all this?’
    ‘Why should I,’ he answered bravely. ‘This is part of me. If you are turned off by this, then we do not go well together anyway.’
    ‘Well, I’m not. I like it,’ I continued. ‘I get turned on by these kind of sex games. And I don’t think it’s weird at all, wanting to be taken care of this way. You must have missed a lot as a baby, I guess.’
    ‘I know where it comes from,’ he suddenly said. ‘At least, I think I know. I had to grow up very fast, take responsibility in life when I was nine years old, because my mother wouldn’t. I think I mostly missed being a little kid and having a safe place, away from all the responsibility in life. A place where someone in control over me takes my decisions for me and loves me. Somehow it got mixed up with my sexual development and this is a side effect of it.’
    I gave him an understanding smile.
    ‘Well, I think you analyzed yourself before you did your patients, right?’
    We stared at each other for a moment, not knowing what would happen next.
    ‘Do you want me to treat you as a little baby or toddler?’ I asked anxiously.
    I started to like the idea very much of having my own little boy at home. One who wouldn’t nag or argue or try to dominate me as in a regular marriage. But one who I could give all my motherly love to and decide what’s best for him.
    He nodded with sparkling eyes.
    ‘I would like to see you in diapers. I think it will trigger the mommy in me. But me being your mommy isn’t just a picnic, Jack. It brings consequences. If I’m your mommy, I’m your mommy. That means if you’re bad, I also am going to take measures. You understand that?’
    He nodded even wilder.
    ‘That means a good spanking, you hear?’
    At once, he put his head on my shoulder and held me. The love inside of this kid was enormous. He never had had the chance to express this with anyone.
    ‘Listen, I don’t want to use your old diapers. So tomorrow we’ll go to the pharmacy or some shop where they sell diapers and plastic pants and you will go with me. You will try them on right there, okay?’
    Jack nodded again. I could feel his sex drive moving towards the limit. He wanted sex. Now, I knew from former experiences that, if you stall this while playing the game, there will be a final explosion of orgasms in the end.
    ‘And Jackie boy…I am not going to have any more sex with you. You are going to be my baby. To me, that doesn’t mean for an hour or so. It means day and night, week after week. I don’t care where you are going: to work or to the supermarket, you will wear you diaper and plastic pants at all times,’ I said sternly.
    Jack’s happiness couldn’t be greater.
    ‘And something else,’ I continued. ‘From now on the toilet for you is off limits! That is for adults only. As is the TV, the chairs and the bed.’
    Jack now looked at me questionably.
    ‘There’s no way back now, Jack. You’re my toddler for life. I can’t have you lie next to me in the bed. We’ll buy you a baby bed and you will crawl on the floor just like any regular baby and the first thing we’ll buy, next to your diapers, is a playpen.’

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    Welkom mede-kaaskop

    Seeing your name I knew you had to be from the Netherlands.

    Have fun and don't be too shy to post.

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    Whatever he said ^ . hehe, Welcome to ADISC, hope you have a great time here.

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    In the italic I said welcome fellow cheesehead. So it'd be hard for you to second me on that one

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    I don't really get time to read diaper stories, but then again I don't read much anyway...

    Do you write any stories yourself, Ger? The archive of stories on here, diaper-related or not, is massive so be sure to check that out, although they are written mostly by members rather than published authors. Even so, from the few I've read, it's good reading - a lot of talent on ADISC

    Anyway, welcome to the forums, have a great time posting, socialising and whatever else you get up to on here


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    Quote Originally Posted by Martin View Post
    In the italic I said welcome fellow cheesehead. So it'd be hard for you to second me on that one
    Hmmm...looks like I need to learn Dutch..or at least use an online translator.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Martin View Post
    In the italic I said welcome fellow cheesehead. So it'd be hard for you to second me on that one
    I can second you on that one though, because I know you guys in the west are all Cheeseheads (Käseköppe ).

    So in that case: Welcome to ADISC!


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    Quote Originally Posted by GoldMember
    I'm from Holland, isn't that weird!
    Edit: Awesome, quote, I think. I mean yours, not mine.

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    Thanks, you guys, for the warm welcome. Well, yes, I'm from Holland but nowadays I live in Costa Rica....only for a while. The heat is killing me wearing those plastic pants.

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