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Thread: Some paci clips I made...

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    Cool Some paci clips I made...

    Here's the pacifier clips I made over the past few nights...

    The ribbon is from Wal-Mart and the snaps are from Michael's Crafts. As you can see they're pretty simple, actually a little too simple... I wanted to have a spring loaded clip, like the kind on ID badges used to clip the badge to your shirt, but I couldn't find any such clips is store. The closest thing I could find was replacement suspender clips that were not spring loaded. I'd also like to find a swivel to add to the paci end to keep the ribbon from getting twisted.

    If anybody knows where I can get such hardware, please let me know. Please don't suggest that I cannibalize the parts off other things, because then I gain a paci clip, but lose an ID badge. I'd rather buy the specific parts I need. Of course, I don't want to spend much on the hardware either. If I have to order a pack of 100 clips, that's a little too much. Now a 10 pack would probably be alright.
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    Those came out really nice I like the cars one.

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    Quote Originally Posted by HAL View Post
    If anybody knows where I can get such hardware, please let me know.
    try 'swivel clip' or 'hook' on ebay; just seen loads of them (123 pages, but there's loads of other junk in there, too). i know that we have them at our local hardware store, so you should able to get them near you.

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