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Thread: Please help me tell this girl to go away..

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    Default Please help me tell this girl it isn't going to happen.

    Ok, so the last week or so, I have had a stalker. She's a girl I've known for a while, but I haven't seen in years. She's always liked me, even though I don't like her. She suddenly showed up again a few weeks ago, and has been chasing me ever since! I've told her I don't like her that way, I even in desparation told her that I'm A sexual, and there is little hope of the relationship going anywhere, but she doesn't care! She thinks I just don't want to admit I like her, but I really Fing don't! Has anyone had this happen? What do you say to make them understand that you aren't going to date them?

    What do I do here??

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    Pretend that you're gay or something to make her think you're disgusting or really weird (you are anyways =P)

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    I've never had this problem (yay.) but I think brutal honesty could work. "Look, I don't like you that way, and the way you're acting really scares me and makes me question if we should even be friends." Or something like that.

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    I think she's pulling your leg. At least, the girls at my school would stop chasing a guy who flat-out denied a relationship. Maybe you should take her aside and tell her that you really do not want a relationship with her. Don't get angry, don't be silly, just calmly explain to her that you don't appreciate it. If it persists have someone else talk to her, and then someone who has authority explain a thing or two about harrassment.

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    She's probably just doing it because someone else dared her to do so.

    Or a number of other things.

    Or maybe she just really is a psycho, so the next time you see her, you should take her up on her offer. Then be the biggest asshole of a boyfriend ever. Call her fat. Eat like a slob. Tell her to get back in the kitchen and make you food. you know, reverse the roles, have her be the one to get sick of you.

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    That's a lot of effort Kraiden! It could take months!

    It's not like she's obsessive about it- but she can't go a few days without saying something like "So why don't you like me?" "Why can't we go out?" I swear it's getting irritating!

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    my brother had this happen to him. this girl wouldn't stop calling him for weeks. at 2:00 in the morning he had to sit in front of the phone and quickly pick up and slam down every 20 seconts for an hour. she still stalks him, but not nearly as much as befor.

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    Reverse the roles but not in Kraiden's way, just do whatever shocking stuff comes to mind when she's with you XD

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    Heres what you do;
    Say you are gay, and that you have a boyfriend. His name is Christian. He lives at X, and he fills your buttox every Tuesday night.

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    Slap da bitch.


    No, I'm joking. But I've only had nutjobs take any interest in me, and eventually their insane lust dies away. Why, God, why is it NEVER the normal ones...?

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