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Thread: Where Can I Buy Diapers Online ?

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    Default Where Can I Buy Diapers Online ?

    Do you know of any Web sites that sell different brands of disposable adult diapers. i want something that is in ether the united states or Canada. it would be nice if they offered samples too. By the way i already know about xp-medical. Thanks
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    That's a good one.

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    woodbury products
    HDIS Note: they will send you a lot of ads in the mail after ordering.

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    I buy from XPmedical. They are very fast, and since you live in California, they are somewhat close.
    XP Medical - Incontinence Supplies

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    Thanks for the help. I just ordered a few variety packs and samples fromm the web sites you all listed. if you know of any other web sits please let me know

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    I've used eBay for some of my purchases. You can find great deals on partially used packages from folks who don't need them anymore. You can also find sample packs on eBay for a couple dollars, if you are unable to get freebies on the manufacturer's websites. Other than that, I get them at the local shops.

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    If you have Amazon Prime you can get Tranquility, Molicare, and Abena from Northshore via Amazon with free two day shipping.

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    I use 2 sites, one already stated Magicmedical, the other is

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    pretty much everywhere lol. no seriously ebay is a good place to go

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