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Thread: Wisdom teeth: Do you have em?

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    Default Wisdom teeth: Do you have em?

    Mine are finally coming in and I think they might need to be cut out. Hurts to eat.

    How about yall?

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    Yes ... need to get them taken out, can't afford the consulting appointment, constant pain. Urrrrggg

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    Yes, I have all four. They all came through at once when I was about 13 or 14. I remember they hurt a lot coming through, but only took a month or so from first coming up to be completely grown. Now they don't hurt at all.

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    Had them all removed over the course of several years. The last one was so awkward to clean that it actually started collapsing. Having a dentist pick bits of enamel out of your gums with fine pliers isn't fun.

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    All gone. Had the bottoms taken out when I was 16 & the tops when I was 17. FYI DON'T have them done top & bottom like I did. do left & right if needed. At least this way you will be able to eat XD Good luck.

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    Actually starting to feel mine come in. They don't hurt really; little sensitive back there but not too bad.
    Hope it doesn't become unbearable later on :/

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    Yes, I have them. In a bag, in my desk. After what I went through getting them out, I told the guy I wanted to keep 'em!

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    I got all four of mine removed at the same time a few years ago (I don't exactly remember when). I wasn't knocked out (just frozen), and that was probably one of the most unpleasant experience of my life. Luckily all my tooth where removed clean.

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