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    I'm a student, first year in college, trying to figure out a major between climate and geological sciences and astronomy and astro physics.

    My reason for coming here is quite simply to hang out and chat with other diaper lovin furs. I'm still slightly confuzed between certain connotations between babyfur, ab and dl and where exactly I fall so that would be nice to figure out.

    My interests include writing, playing and analyzing music. I play f-horn, trumpet, piano, drumset and cello. My favorite music goes from classical to soundtrack to rock to metal and my favorite is John Powell. I love gaming, probably a little too much, and my favorite games include Gears of War, Rock Band and Battlefield. Rollercoasters are pretty awesome too. Just sayin...

    I do enjoy sci-fi books and movies (I loved Battle LA) and some historical non-fiction, mostly Krakauer or Junger.

    I'm mostly just looking for support and feeling at ease with a bunch of likeminded furs.

    So, yeah, feel free to ask whatever and I'm lookin foreward to makin some new friends! =^.^=

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    Nice intro man, welcome to ADISC!

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    Of the things you listed, climate and geological science sounds like the one most likely to get you a job, what with the global warming and all.

    Anyways, welcome!

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    Yeah, that seems likely. However, I do love studying planets and all the other cool weather things that happen, like Jupiter's massive constant polar aurora.

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