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Thread: Diaper friendly jobs

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    Default Diaper friendly jobs

    I have been a C.N.A. at a local nursing home for a few years now! I have found that my employer here is very understanding about my "incontinence". Wearing heavy cloth diapers under plastic panties was no problem and I recommend a diaper friendly job to all these dl/Ab's out there that want to go to work in diapers!!

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    You could go work at the factory where they produce said diapers, I laugh at the thought of being interviewed for that job, being asked "So why did you apply for _______ position?"

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    I could do it on my job. I deliver newspapers for 4 hours every day in my car. Don't have to get out at all. A great job if you want to wear them while working. No worries about anyone seeing you.

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    I own my business, and it's all on the web. So I could hypothetically be in diapers 24/7

    or in Costa Rica...which I am now :-)

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    Mine would be pretty good if there was a decent place to change. Coveralls to hide any bulge, not much close contact, loud environment where people wear ear plugs so no crinkling to worry about, leaning up against machines that spray water to hide and leaks.

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    If I could suggest any, I was watching a video here.
    This guy's job is to climb to the top of a radio tower to work on things up there.
    It might be a diaper friendly job because, well, as the narrator says it himself, "there's no easy way down."
    Just a thought...

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    I think the most diaper friendly job would be an adult diaper tester person thingy.

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    I work in catering and considered wearing padding to work, not that hygenic if you were to do anything mind.

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    as i spend most days running around doing things for my job wearing padding isn't always practical. however on days where I'm just in front of a terminal i can wear if i think i need to. on days that I'm stuck in one place for a while padding is necessary as a bathroom isn't close by.

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    I think most jobs could be viewed as diaper friendly. In the United States, any employer caught discriminating against someone wearing diapers would be sued under the Americans with Disabilities Act. I wear to work whenever I feel like it although I don't wear huge obvious diapers. I tend to use off-the-shelf products which are generally designed to be more discreet than wearing something like Cushies or Bambinos.

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