So I probably had the most interesting and awesome day of my entire life. So First today was my B-day, I turned 21 (Finally) so me and my family went up to a casino town in the mountains.

The hotel we were at had an awesome buffet for $15 a person, we were standing in line and out of nowhere a lady comes up to us and says "You don't happen to have coupons for a free buffet do you?" We were just kinda like "nope..." She then offered us a free coupon for 2 and another one she had on her card.

This was quite a shock to us, she pretty much just handed us about $50, everyone else around us were shocked and even the hostess that was seating people was shocked. We still do not know why out of everyone else in line, she chose us to give it too. All I know is it made my night, despite losing $100 to the casino