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Thread: First adult diapers

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    Default First adult diapers

    I finally bought some online. Mixed pack of 6 to be exact.
    So they arrived half hr ago and im surprised how big they are.
    I'll be lucky to find a spot to hide them lol.

    Anyways I'm here in a tena maxi and feels so much better then goodnites
    I must say lol

    P.S are tabs refastenable? As I like to wear but not always wet.


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    refastenable depends on the material. some diapers have a harder front plastic panel so the tapes can be moved. Others have a double tape, so you can pull it up and re-set it once. The rest are better-get-it-right-first-time.

    It's been my experience that tapes don't set well when I've tried to remove them and then put the diaper back on again later. I've had better luck with shimmying out of the diaper and then pulling it back up later. Most disposables stretch when worn so if you fit them snug, by the time you are ready to take them off for a bit they're looser. Then when you put them back on they will feel loose, but if the tapes allow, you can do your one move. Just make sure to keep the panel clean where the tape is going to go - no powder, oil, even try to avoid finger oil, or your tapes will pop loose shortly. And there's always adding your own tape - some like to use duct tape ("grey tape"), but I prefer clear packing tape for when I need a patch job or to reinforce a loose tape.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Spazbob View Post
    I'll be lucky to find a spot to hide them lol.
    Hmm. Have you tried hiding them above those rectangular ceiling tiles? The ones that lift up from the suspended rails. I've hidden lots of goodies above those tiles, like my fireworks stash.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Spazbob View Post
    P.S are tabs refastenable?
    Well so far the ones I've tried with tabs are Bambino, Abri-Form, and Molicare.

    Bambino: Yes, as long as they don't get wet/handled too much.
    Abri-Form: Yes, ONCE. (They have a second tab that peels off the first one to readjust)
    Molicare: No, it shreds the diaper just trying to get the dang things off, Lol.

    Quote Originally Posted by Spazbob View Post
    I'll be lucky to find a spot to hide them lol.
    A lot of people like to use speaker boxes or amplifiers, it seems. A lockbox never hurt anyone either. (Unless you have nosy parents that demand to look in it)

    I live in a college dorm, therefore they're in my dresser drawer. =P

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