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    Hello, I'm abdljosh, and as you can guess from my screen name, my actualy name is Josh and I'd prefer to be called just that. I'm an intorverted, quiet person. I'm generally calm and relaxed and love to play it easy when I can, in other words I avoid personal drama at all costs. If you get to know me well I can be a bit excentric though. Also, I'm currently a community college student trying to figure out exactly what I want to study. I'm also unemployed.

    I've been into diapers since as long as I can remember and since I don't have a very good long-term memory I would guess that would be since I was 13 or 14. I've always been fascinated with diapers and the fact that they could make life a whole lot more convenient. Learning that there were diapers that could actually fit adults rocked my world. What was even more earth-shattering was when I found out there were large online communities of people who enjoyed diapers as much, if not more as I did. You might think I'm an AB from my screen name, but truth be told, this screen name has been my screen name since 2005 when I first joined an online community of similar interests, but alas, I'm not so much an AB as I thought I was back then. Now I a, really only interested in diapers and being diapered preferrably with other people of my age acting our age.

    In my spare time, which I have a lot of lately, I'm playing video games. But I've lately stumbled upon an interest of gaming that a certain community has come up with. Its called LP, or "Let's Play". An LP is a step by step walkthrough of any given game (that can be completed in reasonable time) with added commentary. I could go into more depth about what an LP is and should be, but you could just check out my YouTube channel that will be in my signature sometime soon. I also enjoy playing MMOs (Massively Multiplayer Online games), one of which I'm playing now is World of Warcraft, but I'm not active all the time.

    I've been active in other online community sites for a long time, and I only recently joined ADISC because I could not find another forum site as active as this. I came here in hopes of finding some other people who would like to play WoW or other online games together (on the same server and such). Beyond that, I would also like to give as much insight as I can to those that ask for it, but I cannot promise an approach every time as I am actively dedicated on another site.

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    Yeah, it really rocked my world too, bro. Do you play any other games? I personally am into old playstation games, some PC games (not Wow) and anything else that has a good soundtrack. Do you listen to music?

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    Hmmm yeah, I'm not too sure how the quote notification thing works. I tried going to where it says to turn them off, but didn't see it.

    Anyway I'm big into GBA GBC SNES and N64 games. I also enjoy other games than Wow, I played the Sims for a bit, but the expansion packs are kinda off putting. I would like to get back into old PSX games, but I'd either have to go find what game I wanted to play at Gamestop and pay for it, or get a new computer (the one I have seems to run PSX emulators at a very sad rate).

    I'm a rock 'n' roll fan especially classic rock and most of the alternative that was created between 2005 and 2009, but the recent stuff is starting to suck. I do enjoy other types of music, and even though I don't know exactly how to classify it, I'll say I like movie music (original soundtracks to movies).

    EDIT: I finally figured out how to change the quote notification settings.

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