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Thread: Should religion play a role in politics?

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    Default Should religion play a role in politics?

    I would be shocked if this question hasn't been asked here before, but have not seen it. Anyways, it comes from a quote in this article (which the article itself could be a debate but still):

    Mr. Barbour pledged relentless opposition to abortion and accused liberals of trying to remove religion from politics.

    Now, in the venue it was said, it isn't that shocking (a ton of pastors in a pro religious-right event), but the fact of saying it does bring up the question:

    Why shouldn't religion be removed from politics?

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    Depends on the role. According to the U.S Constitution:

    Amendment I

    Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.

    On the other hand, wouldn't we all be better off if our politicians believed in and did their best to follow the Golden Rule and the 10 Commandments? Most especially "Thou shalt not lie" and "Thou shalt not steal"

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    Now, no offense to any religious people in here, but I for one think that religious influence in politics should at the very least be reduced. There's no reason for religion to have too great of an influence, because there's no 'easy' way to appease EVERY religion out there. Plus, when people say "religion", they usually mean christianity, and to be honest i just don't see why politics should be influenced by it. Sure, there are moral guidelines in the bible that are of basic human understanding and should be followed, but stopping something from happening or changing it or making something happen (that effects the majority of the population), etc, just because "the bible says so" is a rather idiotic reason. I'm respectful of other people's religions, certainly. More than respectful. But if a girlfriend of mine (just an example, don't get too shocked! :P) were to want an abortion, and we were both atheists, I don't see why at all she shouldn't get one just because christians believe that it is immoral, or wrong, or because it states in the bible and so on and so forth. :s
    Let me just make another example here... If muslims were to hold protests outside abattoirs because their holy text prohibits them from eating pork, and they think that everyone else should be prohibited too, it'd seem rather ridiculous right? If we're not followers of a certain religion, why should we let one religion's guidelines and influence affect the entire population?

    I'm not saying that religion should be removed from politics. Just... It should calm the hell down and realise that not EVERYBODY thinks the same as they do, nor do they need to.

    Again, sorry if this offends anyone. I've never been too big on religion, my dad's seen to that pretty well.

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    No, it's too complicated and dangerous issue and religion doesn't matter.

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    Quote Originally Posted by teamaster View Post
    No, it's too complicated and dangerous issue and religion doesn't matter.
    Well, that's a lie. Religion is very very important to some people. It's just that the issues and conflicting opinions that religions raise shouldn't matter to the general atheist/agnostic public very much.

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    I hate speaking about the state because I'm a anarchist.We don't need religion in our government because it could be used as a form of bigotry

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    Butterfly Mage


    Religion should play no role in politics whatsoever. Personally, I'd be happy with an atheist President and an all-atheist House and Senate (and this is coming from someone with deeply held religious views.)

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    Government should act in the best interest of the population. Unfortunately those in power let their personal interests, both religious and nonreligious, interfere with making the best decisions for their nation. Any belief that does not benefit the greater good of the nation should not be allowed in politics. Since religions often have doctrines that only benefit their own belief system, religion should not play a part in politics.

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    I see religion in politics I see Pat Robertson and Jerry Falwell.

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    Quote Originally Posted by AmbezeSubHealth View Post
    I see religion in politics I see Pat Robertson and Jerry Falwell.
    Don't get me started on those two. Falwell and Robertson said the reason 9/11 happened was because of the ACLU, gays, lesbians, pagans, abortionists, and Feminists.


    Personally, I don't care if our President worshiped a can of beans. As long as he does his job well, that's all I care about. <-----Lewis Black reference
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