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    Red face Erro


    I do lots of stuff; but in order or importance I'm 1) A producer/filmmaker/camera operator, 2) embedded software developer and 3) pilot.

    I'm here because I like to learn about myself and the only way to do that is the learn about others (besides, people are interesting right? I hope I am to you).

    I've always liked diapers, I've never understood why, and that's okay, I've just accepted and gotten on with things. I stumbled upon this site through a chain of clicks on Wikipedia (starting off with programmable watches, which took me to NASA space missions, which took me to diapers in use in space, lol... yes I was bored hehe). It's quite strange how many similarities there are between the experiences and stories on this site and some of my own... desiring them, trying to find ways of getting hold of them, then hiding them and then eventually getting discovered. I got a friend of mine to put on a diaper when we were 14... at the time it seemed like normal fun, but now I realize it was a little different :p .

    My other interests include :
    aviation; I can fly aircraft, legally haha, I often use my licence with filming to generate aerial footage,
    Electronics in general; I have no formal training but I've got experience and friends who build and design devices for a living,
    Networking technologies (like TCP/IP, VOIP, Linux); If you like gadgets, you probably like IT in general,
    Radio, paintball, quad biking, hiking. Anything that gets me out into nature.

    Anyway, I'm really just here to read, so thanks for sharing your stories. If I can offer something useful I'll do so .

    *closes intro cheat sheet*

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    Hi Agent,

    That was a nice intro indeed, always nice to see the intro cheat sheet being put to good use ^^.

    I know what you mean by "a chain of click on Wikipedia". It hasn't happened so much lately, but I've spent a few hours in a row on Wikipedia more than once, ending up on pages completely unrelated to my original search. That's lead me to some rather random discoveries, such as a bunch of sports I had never heard of (Bandi, Beach Handball, International rules Football) and random geographical facts (i.e. that's how I learned of the channel islands). Fascinating stuff, that website contains, and it's so easy to get lost into it.

    You seem to have some rather interests there. The only one I can really say I share is IT - I'm currently majoring in Computer Science, so ya, I'd better like computers. Can't say I've really done much with VoIP (though I've done a bit of Fax-email integration) and my knowledge of Linux isn't really where I'd like it to be, but hey, it's getting there.

    Anyway, once again thanks for the nice intro, hopefully we'll see you around


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    Hey Near

    Yeah @ Wikipedia... I watched Eddie Izzard when he came to Cape Town and one of jokes he made was "Wikipedia... well, you find something interesting, like Helicopters... ooooh helicopters, blades, rotors, fuel JAM!!! jam! sheep! and velociraptors". That's pretty much how it went.

    Well... my experience in VOIP so far came out of necessity (as most things do); our telecoms provider (it was heavily regulated up until about two years ago) is very expensive and voip works out much cheaper. So I looked into replacing existing telephone lines with a voip system. I eventually landed up buying four port telephone PCI cards (effectively voice modems) and installing them into old PCs (Pentium 3s) and using those machines as virtual PABXs. The system's soooo cool, you can make faxes go to e-mail, voice messages to e-mail, I even wrote a script that tries to perform OCR on the faxes and then includes the OCR text in the body of the e-mail (makes searching easier). I recently updated my Android phone's ROM to 2.3, which supports embedded voip functions, so now I can route calls from our office and home landlines to my mobile... at a really minimal cost.

    Whew... voip is interesting .

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