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Thread: New Winnie the Pooh Movie

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    I know this was posted before, even possibly by me but I can not freaking find it anywhere. Anyways this trailer is old considering it is a trailer. Disney really, really should move the date up so they don't release it directly against harry potter.. you know THE LAST HARRY POTTER.

    Won't matter a damn freaking bit if the animation is finally good again when your up against arguably the best film sires of all time. Sorry Disney but you let the whole franchise freaking fail. Hopefully in 20 years it can get rebooted like My Little Pony. just did.

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    Always appreciated the tragic honesty of the characters, even if I didn't realize when I was too young to realize it. Like watching a bunch of senile old people talk about whatever, or people with severish disorders go on adventures, except for instead of humans, they're not. Never sure if Rabbit wasn't a dude or was. Heard a new one was coming out and thought it would be CG. It is more exciting that it isn't.

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    I can't wait to see this. I love Winnie the pooh my whole room in it.

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    I love Winnie the pooh.

    I actually didn't know they were coming out with a new one...


    Hope it's a good as the trailer suggest


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    I worked on it. songs are good and the story is fun. Best Pooh movie in years. Taking my daughter when it comes out.

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    lol what... series of all time?
    Surely you jest.
    there are many, many, many better film series out there.

    But anyway, Pooh Bear is awesome, and I'm glad that him and his friends are getting a new film.

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