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    Default Intro in a thunderstorm

    Hi everyone

    I'd like to start this off with a random fact: I'm writing this as a thunderstorm hits my hometown. It's quite scary. My house shakes a little bit.

    Now on to the introduction:
    My name is Selene/Sellie. Either is appropriate to call me. I'm a person of many names. With that I am also a person of many different interests. I cannot even tell you all of my hobbies and the like. I am always gaining new ones, and always changing intensities. Your best bet to learn about me is to talk to me

    Anyways, I turned 18 back in december and have had a regression interest for a few years now. Seems to be an interest that has stuck (like a few others but that's not important at the moment). I guess part of the desire for regression is because I used to live in an abusive household and it was something that was a safety for me.

    That part of my life is over, thank the powers, but this desire for regression however... has stayed. Just yesterday I bought my first ninny I have thought about maybe going a little bit deeper but am a bit intimidated and scared. I don't know how to explain why... but I'm just the kind of person who doubts everything they do.

    Yet another interest of mine... SHOPPING. Ohmaigawd do I love shopping One half of my paycheck goes to rent to mom... the other half goes to shopping for me and my girlfriend.

    Ahh, yes, a challenge and yet a blessing. My girlfriend is the sweetest and most understanding person a girl like me could ask for. She is so supportive of me, but I need support from others who know what I'm going through.

    So to wrap this all up, I'm here for friends, information, and perhaps a little bit of guidance. I look forward to hearing from everyone.


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    What a nice introduction, Sweatdreams. I'm sorry that your life started off with so much pain. I was adopted at the age of 2, and I think my desire to regress was created by those years, rejection of my birth mother and probably being in an orphanage for a while. Anyway, we survive. I couldn't help but notice your thunderstorm. Since I live in Virginia, I'm not so far away, and we had a beautiful day today, 65 degrees and no rain. Tomorrow it's supposed to go up to 80 and the possibility of thunderstorms, so I guess it's that time of year.

    Since some of these feelings of regression are emerging, I think that by reading the many posts on this site, you will get a better feeling for what you like or don't like. This is probably the best site for exploring ones younger self. It's well moderated, and since you are a girl, I suspect it's the safest site considering who we our. Welcome and explore. You will have many friends here.

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    Thank you so much for the warm welcome I'm just not sure if I'm a Teen baby or adult baby. I still feel like a teenager. Well in all sense of the word *giggles* This storm is scary. I'm glad I have my ninny

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    Hi, Sellie. Welcome to ADISC. I see you have found your way around the various boards, and I look forward to seeing more of your posts. I am sure you will enjoy the time you spend here. Take care, and have fun.

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    Hi Sellie I'm sorry about the rough times in your past but it sounds like you have moved on and are doing just fine. I hope you find this site helpful and informative. Welcome!

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