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Thread: Climbing trees

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    Default Climbing trees

    I just wondered if anyone else here still enjoys climbing trees? It's not something I've done in a very long time, last time resulted in a nasty gash down my chest and stomach . Being rather risk adverse, it's not something I did again after that!

    However, just recently become curious about giving it another shot and given spring is in the air it seems like the perfect time to try. I'm not too sure if there are any tips or tricks people could suggest for this aging curious rookie tree climber please?

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    I guess it could be fun . Just remember to grab the brenches tight, and don't grab any branches thatseem too thin, or too dry.

    I remember myself climbing trees when I was 5-6 years old. There was this one specific three, right by my house, which me and my friend climbed in everytime we were at my house. One day, we were going to climb it, and we noticed that the person living next to us had cut it down, without asking us, and the tree wasn't even on his property ...

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    I like to climb trees and something that I'd like to make the time for soon is climb a tree, relax, and read a book.

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    I used to then their we’re a lack of trees to climb how mean! I should get a tree to climb I love climbing trees! to this day I want to climb every tree I see.

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    I did it a lot when I was a kid. Not sure I could do it anymore, partly because of where I live and the lack of suitable climbing trees.

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    Climbing trees was the best. My brother and friends would spend hours climbing trees at the park and empty lots as kids. Sometimes just climbing other times building tree forts. It's amazing I have never broken a bone.

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    I used to climb up smaller trees which I could get a good grip on the trunk with both hands and feet. I'd shinny up the tree just like we learned to climb the ropes in elementary school PE class. The one drawback I remember from climbing trees too often was worn out clothes and scratched up skin. My mom wasn't in a financial position to keep buying replacement clothes, so my tree climbing experience was necessarily limited.


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    Used to do it all the time as a lil' kid. Me and my bro had this really cool acorn/flowering tree that was PERFECT for climbing.
    Not too tall, easy to get up, strong branches, and plenty of leaves for shade :3
    Wish I could do it nowadays.

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    We used to climb trees all the time as a kid. We would build skimpy tree houses with a few boards and plywood. Hard to do nowadays since everyone in my family keeps cutting down all their trees. The only thing that always bugged me was that we always got tree sap everywhere.

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    Oh yeah still fun to do. The best is to find a small tree & climb it hand over hand as fast as you can to the top & then your weight bends it over & brings you back to the ground.

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