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    ok, well...kinda gross, mom waxes herself... D: (sorry for bad mind image) and she has this HUGEHUGEHUGE container of numbing cream. it's pretty cool. i got this crazy idea, what if you could numb your (certain parts) and not be able to control peeing-messing. crazy idea, but, you think it COULD work? i dont wanna die from my bladder being numb.


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    There's probably some chemicals in the cream where it'd be advisable not to rub it on your privates. In fact, you should just take caution when putting anything on them. You only get one set. o_O

    But this idea is just whack... I suppose if you want to try it, at least read the directions and safety advice on the packaging first.

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    Um...I don't think that it would make you lose control. Simply because of the fact that the creme couldn't reach your nerves and muscles. Even if it could the chemicals would be very harmful. I don't suggest even trying that...

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    It would just make it so you can't feel what they are touching...But you would still have control...Just think, your mom uses it on whatever she's going to wax...And it only numbs the skin...Otherwise after you mom put it on, she wouldn't be able to move because of her muscles being numb...So it's not that strong...And as Lukie said, you should read the directions and warnings...

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    That type of cream will not cause you to loose control. As others have said it will only affect the top layer of skin. As the others said too, be careful putting things on your private area because you never know what reaction it might cause. Would hate to read story in newspaper about complications :-)

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    First, that first bit of information wasn't really needed, but I don't really care at all. :p

    Anyway, I bet you could use that during sexing to make yourself last longer though.

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    ok, whatever, just let the thread die, it wont let me delete it D:

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    Ignoring your plea....KY makes a lubricant that's warming and tingly. That might be more interesting. I've never used it, but who knows what it might cause in a wet diaper, and it is made for the genital area!

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    No, it wouldn't work. The cream helps block the signals sent from you'r nerves to your brain. Not being able to be is all down to the muscles down ther.

    As has allready been said, don't go rubbing stuff on your member if it isnt really meant to be there lol

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