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Thread: Humiliation/embarrassment?

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    Default Humiliation/embarrassment?

    Can someone tell me how being humiliated and such is a turn-on? I associate embarrassment and humiliation with the worst of things, and it would be my absolute worst nightmare to be caught by others with diapers. I hate being embarrassed in general.

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    Good question ive never thought about it before considering the fact that i too think embarassment is one of the worst things ever, but i think its kinda a bdsm thing maybe, idk

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    I remember being put into three thick cloth diapers, rhumba pants, and a very short dress as a punishment when I was between three and four. It was humiliating, but the extra diapers meant extra security, and as a child I needed that desperately. So humiliation doesn't turn me on, but I do remember it as something both good and bad. That probably doesn't make any sense, but I tried.

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    Depends on the humiliation. There's true humiliation and simulated humiliation, the way I see it.

    True humiliation is what happens when something humiliating happens that has a real life effect on you. Your friends finding out that you pick your nose, for instance. There's really nothing good about that, and you would feel horrible, if it were true.

    Simulated humiliation is similar, but has no outside effect. It's like being degraded by your significant other. While it is totally and completely humiliating, you know that tomorrow will come as if nothing had happened, and life will continue on. They won't actually think differently of you.

    The way I see it, humiliation is a form of helplessness. You're brought down to a level of extreme insecurity. There's a fine line between hate and love. Hate is a very strong emotional response, and something that can evoke such a strong emotional response can reflexively incur an opposite response in some people. For some, it's a very intimate process. Being able to be brought down into a position of extreme helplessness, while still knowing that you're protected from true harm.

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    Why would you be embarrassed about something like that?

    If you don't care, odds are nobody else will.

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    It's a BDSM thing. Generally associated with Submissives (I would know, being one myself).
    And in answer to your question; I have absolutely no idea!

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    I could write a freaking essay on this topic but to put it as simple as possible.

    Attention. In all it's many forms both good and bad.

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    Agreed. It's something between getting attention and letting go. I love it - if it's done in a way that makes me feel safe.

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    Because it kind of gives me a boner? This is really a rather stupid question if you think about it. Sexual urges aren't dominated by rational thought and that's just about it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Raad View Post
    Because it kind of gives me a boner? This is really a rather stupid question if you think about it. Sexual urges aren't dominated by rational thought and that's just about it.
    As much as it would be easier to pass off every sexual urge as a primal response that has little meaning, most "fetishes" are actually links to the past/childhood.

    As a previous poster already mentioned, there are elements of humiliation in many childhood punishments, and as our brain works associatively (linking a response to an object or action) our brains associate the humiliation/punishment as belonging to childhood. I'm sure quite a few on this board would already have had their brain associate diapers and childhood. Therefore its just a short jump to including diapers with humiliation, and playing them out through a bdsm scene.

    Fetishes are escape for people trying to relive some repressed memory or desire.

    Besides, I'm sure on some humiliation board, there are people starting threads wondering why people find diapers appealing

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