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Thread: are your girlfriends or boyfriends accepting of your wanting to being an AB??

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    Default are your girlfriends or boyfriends accepting of your wanting to being an AB??

    iv'e only told one girlfriend about my attraction to diapers and thankfully she was very understanding and interested but sadly we broke up because her mom still hasn't cut the of now she is the only one i've dated who is willing to let me explore this side of myself

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    In the past, I had told boyfriends. It never went well, including one time when the relationship ended pretty much on the spot. After that, I decided that I had to find a boyfriend that was also an ABDL, or I was going to remain single.

    Happily, I've found my bubby, and we've been together over two years now. He's a 24/7-wearing DL, so there's no issues with diapers in our house.

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    My wife tolerates the extent of my DL, and in return, I purposefully limit her exposure to it.

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    Im still a little scared to tell my gf, shame on me for keeping secrets (btw in a thread i started about a week or so ago, i asked how to ask girls out i did end up askin her out so yeah we're goin out now)

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    When I first was diagnosed with infantilism my wife didn't know what to think. After a year of working with a therapist she came to understand it, and then accept it. Now she steps into the role of Mommy without hesitation and is learning to enjoy it. I make sure that all of her fantasies get fulfilled, and am careful to give more than I get. It works out very well now. It did take a lot of time to gain acceptance.

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    Pass this on to as many as you can! Our particular need is often unmet and unfulfilled because we never learn where to look for a soul mate! Thanks for sharing.

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    For me, I told an ex-girlfriend about it and she was somewhat creeped out. She however did know I had to wear diapers at one point, as at that time I was finally out of diapers before I ended up back in them as I wear a diaper most of the times. My best girlfriend is aware I wear them, but she never pries on that or asks questions.

    Well, that's my experience.

    By the way, my ex-girlfriend and I are still friends. We still get along great, we just had differences in who we were.


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    My girlfriend accepts it. I told her about it before we actually started dating. She isn't really my "mommy" figure as we don't endulge in it together very much. But she does buy me a pacifier if she sees one that she thinks its cute.


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    ive told a few girls about it. my current gf accepts it, she used to be more accepting of it, like some parts of it turned her on, but i dunno lately its been weird.

    I have told two other gfs about it. one said she was cool with it but things were never the same and we broke up soon after it. Another one was totally into it, but it turned out i didnt like her very much so we broke up soon enough after i told her.

    And i have told random chicks aswell they were cool with it, we talked alot about it and stuff. so yeah i never really had a bad experience with it but then again i tend to hang out with left students and they tend to be an accepting bunch

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    I've never actually had a boyfriend... I'm just too riddled with social anxiety for that right now.
    Still, I wonder, if I were to get a boyfriend if he would immediately be accepting of it just because I'm a girl, or if he would be weirded out just like anyone else.
    All the guy friends I have say they think it's hot when a girl has a fetish, but... diapers?

    I've no idea how he'd react, to tell the truth.

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    I got lucky... I met my boyfriend on another diaper website. It's pretty awesome having not only someone to share this with but someone who's totally into this lifestyle too!

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