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Thread: April Fools Day

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    Default April Fools Day

    Did anyone pull any pranks? Haha

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    Nope. I was gonna play a Joke on my sister though. I didn't do it, but I wish I had.

    The reason I didn't do it, is because I couldn't think of any good prank. Maybe I will next year though.

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    I think I got pranked. I was driving to work, listening to NPR on the radio, and they were talking about 3-D television. They talked about its growing popularity, especially since the movie Avatar, and how it's growing in the private sector, with many people buying 3-D televisions. Then they talked about how most people objected to wearing the glasses, especially the larger ones with the built in batteries. They interviewed a woman who lives in California, and she was explaining how much she enjoys her 3-D television, but she objects to the glasses.

    Fortunately, there is an optometrist who is doing eye surgery, and much like cataract surgery, replaces the eyes' lens with a specially designed lens which takes the place of 3-D glasses, allowing the patient to see 3-D movies without the annoying glasses. They again continued talking with the woman who said how much she enjoys her 3-D t.v. without the glasses. The only thing that's slightly annoying, she said, was that other things looked a little blurry.

    I went away thinking what an idiot she was, and how her living in California, and California physicians performing this kind of surgery didn't surprise me. Later, when I went home, I told my wife the story, and expressed my disdain for the woman, putting television ahead of her over all vision, and saying what an idiot she was. And just as I was concluding my story it occurred to me that it was April 1, and that I had been completely taken in.

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    That wasn't a prank. not sure if it’s out though it’s a polaroid display.
    I keep misreading things that was most certainly a prank.

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    Lol, I considered rushing into the house after school and yelling at my mom, "Mom! I'm pregnant!" But I decided against it. XD

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    "I am pregnant" joke is so common for April Fools Day prank... I have seen numerous of friends did this. lol

    Every year, I post on my status something was happening which it's not true and I always try to make it look realistic. Today, I got several friends got fooled by me because I posted and saying that I might go to my hometown to consider a high paying job and if this is true, few of my hometown friends will be reunited with me once again but sadly it is not going to happen. =P Couple of them said "I knew you were joking! I just play along and got you fooled by me believing in your joke!". I went like "Touche...". =P I guess they knew me too well now...hehe. It was fun anyway!

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    Nope. I didn't really do anything. I have a few times before, but never anything big at all.

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    I didn't do anything personally. HOWEVER, as an April Fool's joke, there's this one website that I'm a member of where a fellow member hacked everyone's account with a dictionary password cracker. He then used everyone's accounts to spam fake message board comments like "Man, I am so lame!" over and over.

    Moral of the Story:
    The guy that did it told everyone to use stronger passwords. He said that a majority of the users on the website used "password" as their site password! No wonder a bunch of people got their account hacked! That and a lot of people used easy to guess passwords like their initials followed by birthyear, a spouse's name, pet's name, etc. etc.
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