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Thread: YOUR Stash!

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    Default YOUR Stash!

    Most AB/DLs have a stash.

    So... tell us about yours!

    What do you stock? How many do you keep? Where do you hide it?
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    I have 1 diaper left of my last purchase. It's hiding somewhere in my closet :O

    I haven't even been home long enough to use any in the last month but the moment I do... Time to go buy more

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    I have...

    1 rubbermade dresser with all 3 drawers of Tranquilitie overnight pulls,
    1 dresser (same) of Dry 24/7
    and 2-3 cases of each sitting on my top shelf in my closet. (total one case each)
    3 cloths in a drawer in the clothes dresser.


    1/4th of the full size dresser of attends
    2 packs in top of closet (total none case)
    1/4th of the dresser secures
    2-3 cases in closet (total one case)

    This dose not count the odd trial pack here and there, or the walgreens I have.
    Also he has a stash of Cloties in the dresser as well.

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    When I had to hide them, I use to hide them in the drop ceiling of my basement. Now I don't have to hide them so I have one whole dresser drawer full of diapers and supplies.

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    Last count, I've got 5 Molicare Supers and 13 Abri-Form XPlus's.

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    I have 8 or 9 each of boys L/XL GoodNites and CVS sleep pants and almost a full package of Depends Maximum Protection. I did keep them all in a backpack that I don't use under my bed, but since I bought that pack of Depends, it doesn't fit under my bed. So I put them in the top of my closet.

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    Currently I have one near full case of Lille supreme maxis(68 out of 80), one near full case of Tena Flex maxis(55 out of 66), 27 depends fitted maximum briefs and 15 old style goodnites for a total of 165 diapers.

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    I have few securesX+, and a few pull-ups, and some underjams I haven't tried yet, and 2 packs and about another half pack of Assurance.

    I like to have at least a pack of 20 on hand.

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    I only ever buy one pack at a time. Currently I have about 6 underjams left out of a 13 pack, and I keep them in an empty box on the top shelve of my closet.

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    I have about 5 or so CVS diapers left...They are in one of my dresser drawers...They can easily be found if someone just opened it...

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